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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, i just bought a Trojan 750 on trade me. It has been sitting idle for many years, and somehow the mast got broken in 2.... Im new to sailing , and wonder how to go about getting a new or used mast, or if it is possible to repair broken one?I live in New Plymouth, but boat will be used on lake Taupo ( at least untill I know what I'm doing) Any suggestions very much appreciated!
  2. Dismasted a few weeks ago. Looking for a section (full replacement of 13.7m, or partial part to scarf in) of what I'm told is 5 and 1/2 Barverstock mast which is no longer manufactured. Has anyone had experience in repairs of Mast? Awaiting on insurance but if they accept will only go to partially fund repair/replace.
  3. Hi All! Inexperienced new owner here. I've got a keel-stepped mast on a GRP boat (Stratus 747). My forward hatch and the mast both leak a little (they're on the to-fix list), and the water coming in has softened the keelson enough that it is compressing/cracking around the base of the mast (right-top side of it in the pic is the worst of it). More experienced friends have had a look and so far no one is panicking, but we all agree it's a problem that needs fixing. An idea I'm liking a lot is adding a steel plate along the keelson to reinforce the wood and spread the load, but this woul
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