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Guest The Fat Controller

Hi there


If you are a long-time or first time user of these forums, there are a couple of things you might be interested in.


The most important one is to let you know that by becoming a registered user, the forums get a whole lot easier to use.


Registering is free and only takes a couple of minutes. Being a registered user means that:


- You can select to only read messages that are new since your last visit (no more trawling through the forums looking for unread messages)

- You can set your time zone, depending on where you are based

- You'll receive our email newsletter (launching May 06) packed with NZ sailing news, race clinics and other updates

- You can enter our competitions

- You can get involved by posting on the forums.


It would be great to see more posts from outside of Auckland. I know from our stats that lots of you are already reading the website, but you are very quiet. We love to hear what's going on in other parts of the country.


I also just want to check that you've seen our Terms and Conditions at http://www.crew.org.nz/page/403/rules.html


Feel free to email me with any queries or comments, on editor@crew.org.nz. I always answer everyone's questions. Sometimes not very satisfactorily but I do try!




The Fat Controller

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I know you have a split personality thing going but have you now added a female personna as well? I see the e-mail in the message you just updated is still zoe@due north


and did that e-mail newsletter starting coming out in may 06?


keep up the good work! 8)

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