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I need to get to the top of the mast on my gbe in the near future, any hints and suggestion on how to do this easily/safely?


Bear in mind I don,t have clutches, just horn cleats, and small (16) winches. I do have 2 mast head ropes available, but they are only 8mm or so.


Ideally I would pull along side somewhere with a handily placed balcony, but can,t think of anywhere of the top of my head.



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Get or lend some climbing gear -- the stuff people clinging to cliffs use. I have such a friend who taught me the basics. What I do is hoisting a climbing rope to the top of the mast using the main halyard. Then scale said rope using the climbing gear. It is safe and not too hard.


Don't store the climbing gear in the boat. Some of it is manufactured from very strong aluminum alloys that unfortunately don't like corrosive environments.



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basic gear and a few knots is all you need. Two prussik loops (google prussik knot - english or french versions ok) and a bosuns chair or even a rope harness. You can then climb a halyard. USE A SAFETY line, and a mate to belay it. Its not too hard, and doesn't need a winch...

Most of the commercial ones are based on the principle of prussiking, but used ascenders instead of knots now. Its not really required unless you go up real often!

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Well done ion the new purchase, its good to see another GBE in the Auckland 8.5 fleet

Easy way to get to your masthead - just go racing, based on the current 8.5 fleet statistics it won't be long before your masthead is either on deck or at water level where it could be reached easily. :lol:


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I send the bowman up as I hate going up on the old bit of 8mm Sun-damaged chafed polyester... (kite Halyard).... and a clutch that slips......


Also im now 100kg so I cant climb and no one wants to winch me up....


But on a more serious note you can borrow my new bosuns chair anytime just PM me.





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Winching anyone up is hard work, I pull myself up, get my wife, or even at a pinch mike, to tail.


Ed, I reckon you need to put a block at base of the mast, securely lashed around the beam should do it, and back to a winch.


Also, you want a pretty calm day if on the mooring, 5-10 knots can be enough to make it pretty unpleasant up there.

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