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Boom Tent

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Looking at a boom tent for extended summer crusing - Any suggestions / pics of good easily managed, functional designs. Also view of getting made up professionaly Vs doing it yourself assuming free time is a luxury better spent on the water?

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I have used two types, one was the standard heavy duty type with Ali poles and heavy UV resistant material. The other was a more aerodynamic number using sail battens. Both have pros and cons in terms of durability V windage. Als suggest you make them slightly wider than the boat so that (dare I say it) the rain water runs into the sea rather than onto the deck!

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I made this one myself and since then have made about 10 to the same design. Rather than using expensve canvas I just use the 3m wide heavy duty PE sheeting, its cheap as, doesnt go moldy, doesnt leak, and doesnt absorb any water and lasts well, its the way forward.

for the battne sI just used either whatever I could fnd in the loft or ordered the 19mm rod batten that comes in 6m lengths. its pretty cheap.

A 3x3 build by north sails would be around $300 + battens maximum and I would say a 4X4 would be $400ish.

Copy of PC282275.JPG

Copy of PC282278.JPG

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I had one made very similar to Boo's. After seeing Boo's his is better. All about angles and pressure. Boo obviously knows them better than the dude who made mine. Mines good but could be a smidgen better.


I would say though, make sure the cover goes forward of the main hatch a ways. That means the hatch can stay open and if you have a big load aboard it gives a little storage while parked.

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