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Dean will be around a while yet.

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Looks like a few journos (and some crew.org posters)  jumped the gun. As most rational people have concluded, ETNZ would be nuts to get rid of Barker at this stage. They have Burling, so why not have a nice steady transition, instead of throwing the young fella to the wolves as some here would have it.


ETNZ might want to work on their public relations a little though.....

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Calm down guys, Ketchup is gone. 180 days revocation of posting rights.

Back on topic. On the Radio and TV this morning, Dean says he is out of ETNZ.   While I do not dispute the fact that he has had his go, and it is time for him to move on, the way in which this has b

My daughter just made the comment that it is hardly fair to blame DB for TNZ losing when the other boat was 3-5 kn  faster - it wouldn't have mattered who was driving.

Guest Ketchup

Nobody in Team Dalton is coming to Barkers aid!


Nobody in the team has said "barker" is not going.


They (w^&#$@r Dalton) are working a process that see's Barker get fed up and leave. This minimizes cost and issues.... not like the Joe spooner one happening at Oracle

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Guest Ketchup

Yip, well Said P2.


Dean still does not understood that he is not up to winning the AC. He has learnt zerp


DALTON DOES NOT REALIZE he is a poor leader who uses bully boy tactics to motivate team members


Dalton HAS earned over 20million since being in charge of this team...and for what?


Barker is close to 12million (with endorsements) for his Multible chokes.


Now Dean wants to "lawyer up"! And fight to stay!...f*ck me!... he still thinks he is worthy of being in the team?!..... actually no that is wrong... he realises he can't go anywhere else without kiwis calling him a TRAITOR!


This is loserville .... and I am loving it.


Hope Burling keep well away from Barker! This shite could "rub off"

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Guest Ketchup

Gee that's nice and positive john. Take the team down because He was not a winner and they have better options in Burling, which they are persueing.


Barker is not loyal to NZ! He is loyal to a private team funded by Offshore companies. If he was loyal he would give someone else a chance to win the cup he has failed at winning.


He is greedy, focussed on himself, and loyal to the money/lifestyle.


Get real John.


Smithy, once again, I Don not hate barker! Just his lack of winning ability and the fact he is has always held back better talent in His pursuit of something he can never nave.


He is not a winner!




Olympics ... no/embarrassing results


AC...No No No

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I reckon Deans being screwed unfairly here.

Maybe he needs to step aside, but he has been loyal to NZ (at a time that everyone else was out for themselves) and should be treated fairly


Who from the TNZ heirarchy leaked this.


I hope if Dean is scrapped, he takes TNZ with him.

With you there. He has been the dignified face of Team NZ right from the days of the Coutts/ Butterworth walk out. I was well impressed with him then. He really doesn't deserve this.


And, "sigh", bring on the inevitable troll.......

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