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Dean will be around a while yet.

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Guest Ketchup

Don,t think so clipper.


You are deflecting the topic because you know I am right and - you posted your disgust at The Coutts /berterelli issue.


People like you and the Anti Coutts campaign put Barker in this silly "loyal bullshit" situation.


He cannot go to any other team! Simple as!... he has snookered himself! Yet if the anticoutts w^&#$@r had never opened their stupid mouths he would be leaving and trying for another team.

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Calm down guys, Ketchup is gone. 180 days revocation of posting rights.

Back on topic. On the Radio and TV this morning, Dean says he is out of ETNZ.   While I do not dispute the fact that he has had his go, and it is time for him to move on, the way in which this has b

My daughter just made the comment that it is hardly fair to blame DB for TNZ losing when the other boat was 3-5 kn  faster - it wouldn't have mattered who was driving.

Guest Ketchup

What about evidence of Barker winning a ...

Olympic medal

A senior world championship

Anything in a fleet of more than eight.

Anything at all?... by himself and not part of a AC team

Anything without a keel and not loaded with the best crew?

Also anything with foils, two or more hulls and anything in a boat he actually owned.

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Guest Ketchup

Balance and Gladwell ...yeah right!!


Gladwell cannot right an objective article when he has a conflict of interest with Kiwi Yachting which is part owned By Barker.


He also lives in the past and uses past records based on old AC boats that are suited to keel boat sailor. Using records that involve lead swingers means nothing now!


So many so called experts fail to comprehend that the AC is not a keel boat match race but a technology war where huge speed gains can be had by small tweaks in design.


These boats are specialized and need to be helmed by sailors like burling


The new AC class is still a big learning curve and suited to sailors like Burling. Not Barker.


This is evident with the performance of Barker in foiling moths and A class cats. Burling wins Barker is in 2nd division.


There is no balance In an article based of incorrect historical data that does not relate to the present nor future.

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