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Volvo only hours away now.

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Great Pics SD, thanks.    AM, how come you are always so negative? Try to look on the bright side for once - the race came here, 10's of thousands came thru the race village, including tourists. The

Any photos re visitors to the village 7th & 8th March and visitor count to view the boats.   Would have thought this thread would have been loaded. Only three pages with postings.

It will be interesting the Spectator fleet numbers and photos Tues or Weds.

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At 2000h tonight the leaders still had 490m to go, currently doing 10kn with not much prospect of increasing breeze. That makes it Saturday evening finish. I saw some predictions for finish times on Volvo Race app a few days ago but can't see any now. Has anyone seen any predictions based on perforce prediction software / current wind forecasts??

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A colleague reports large colourful boat heading south in moderate breeze as seen from batch just south of Tutukaka at 12:30.

Close hauled with mast head zero on (probably beam reaching with apparent wind well forward)

Colours are cream or yellow sails with random red squiggles, based on very poor iPhone photo.

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