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Time Marches On

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Things change slowly giving the illusion of stasis, but inevitably everything moves on. That thought struck me as I was looking at that killer of newspaper advertisments, trademe.


I like to browse the keelers for sale for no particular reason except to marvel at the bargains (not that I really want another hole in the water) or how long someone has tried to sell a dog at ridiculous price only to see the inevitable reduction of price or the relegation to page 10. What amazes me is the sale price of a boat knowing how much they would cost to replace, especially for the classic New Zealand cruiser racers and even more so for the timber ones. Three skin timber boats  from the 70's often one owner and are giveaways which will never be built again, or anything similar for that matter as the availability (and cost) of timber, woodworking skill and time fade away from the general population. The great names in boatbuilding are still there, Wilson and Lidgard etc but each year there are fewer around. If you want a classic NZ yacht for next to nothing while they are still in good condition , we are in the halycon days with so much choice as the boomers swallow the anchor in favour of campervans and beach houses.    


It would be great to see a real interest in the classics from that amazing era starting in the late 50's to the 80's and see them appreciated much like some of the grandads axes from the early 1900's we have floating around. I don't think it would be unfair to say we won't really know what we have got until its gone!

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Us owners of old kiwi boats like to have conversations like " can you imagine what it would cost to build this hull now ?"  " MILLIons..... MiLLIONSSS"     .makes us feel better.    But I don't rea

Mine is 40, It was designed as 'a fast cruiser' then and is still a fast cruiser now.

They're typically well overbuilt by todays standards and so repairable too.

and also they have floors with keel bolts that go right through them ... imagine that!

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