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Locker Hatches

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This is about these sorts of hatches.




For the side of the cockpit for lockers that will have gas bottle/s, fuel tank/s, and crap like that. Being a Ross the sides of things can often quickly become the floor so they may get stood on from time to time. The lockers can not leak into the boat should they fill of water but dry lockers are the preference.


The ones I usually see that look like that seem a tad limp and I'm told most leak. Anyone have any comments on them like what are good, what aren't and all that stuff.


Anyone have a possibly alternative? The usual glass topped deck hatches are being considered but I think I'd prefer the above sort given equal choice. Is there something else I'm missing?





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They leak alright and are not really ok as a watertight door. If you have one in the aft end and it fails, even though the locker may be sealed from the boat, what will all that extra weight do to a 930? Plenty of boats have them and 99% of the time they will be ok, perhaps tape them up when heading into the deep blue.  UV tends to discolour them, never seen them painted but might not be a bad idea.


Leaks can often be a result of a bad install as they have a pretty flexi base. Put some 291 or even 5200 down and use minimal force to screw them on checking that they are100% flat

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wouldn't a quality circular screwed inspection port (not necessarily the 9.99 ones from the chandlery though would be interesting to test) be better if you really want a more reliable water tight solution.  The thread should mean that there is always a pressure activated on the gasket.


It seems to me that those rectangular hatches will not apply much pressure on the gasket down the sides so that they could lift off?


Buy one - build it into a box - install a go pro -  drop it over the side with the anchor - see what happens!

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Lovin your test methodology Scottie :)


Due to how I've re jigged the cockpit I have 2 lockers in the back with entry from the sides. The idea is to use those 2 for fuel and gas, sh*t that doesn't taste nice in rum or can go real bad if you aren't careful. So I need a way to get in and out of them but in a now and again type basis rather then every time.


I am leaning towards Spanish Flys thoughts but I thought I'd ask the audience thoughts on the ones like the photo.


Leaking isn't a huge worry as they are not water tight mission critical but it would be nice to have them dry. If one did fill with water we'd be fine, still not fun but not dangerous, as they aren't that big.


I have heard what your saying myself hence the hesitation. I got 2 known brand name ones for my man cave and both broke within a hour of careful install hence more hesitation. They were sold as being the ducks nuts but it turned out they had less meat than a ducks toe, as seems the way to often these days.


I think the audience and I are on the same page, thanks lads.

The search continues.

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I was thinking of one for my top opening gas bottle locker, are they strong enough for when I stand on it?

I know one mob who says yes but the 2 well known brand name ones I got both said that yet busted without a foot going near them, so I'd take the claim with a grain of salt.

I am considering making some carbon ones using a plastic one as the mold. I can't see why not. Would cost a bit but then we are boys and they are our toys.

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I would not use one of those on deck anywhere in a boat destined for anywhere but inside the Gulf. Seen too many broken. I have one, but it is vertical on the inside of my deck accessed anchor locker (Allows access to the anchor winch) - and if broken, would drain into the lower chain locker, which in turn is self draining. I do not  believe they are suitable to be stood on. Build a proper hatch, or use a real hatch.

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