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Locker Hatches

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We have a couple of those aft in the cockpit and they have been there 10 years no problem.

Both lockers are sealed though and self draining so it wouldn't matter if they broke. I actually removed the rubber seals to provide some additional ventilation to the lockers which also have vent hole vents as we store petrol and LPG in those lockers. 

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Are yours on a horizontal or vertical surface?

Vertical soon becomes horizontal when your gybe goes wrong and your sliding across the cockpit at speed.


That's when you'll put your boot through one, murphys law. Look at the number of threads re speaker covers and protection we have had over the years... inshore use only.

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I've got a plastic and making a carbon top for it shouldn't be hard. Use the plastic frame and just swap the top. I got one where the top comes 'over' the frame so if it's stood on it should push against the boat behind it, not the frame as such.


If it goes as hoped I'll have a mold for 2 sizes if anyone else wants to do similar. Still have to buy a plastic one for the backing frame and latches, which should swap over easy peasy.


I am going to try to clear finish them but I'm not to sure I've got those skills. We'll see shortly.

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For what my opinion is worth ... have had these previously on other boats so when I replaced the ones that came with the ex-Trainsmash I did not even hesitate.


Compared to whatever else is out there ... I don't anticipate any issues. ohhh and mounted vertically.

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