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Drouge - big or small in front?

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One of these.


One is bigger then the other, not by a lot but by easily noticeable.


Would you have the big one in front or the small one?


Would you always run the 2 together or use one then as things got worse add the other?

So to speak as no way would I deploy one them bring it in during the storm to add another. The call would be use one or both and deploy as such I'd expect.


The boat is a 50 something raft that has been around the world already with thee on board. I'd say they have never been used or if they have certainly not in vengeance for any period of time.

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Look up Jordan Series Drogue, good starting point. Outrageous price, but I think you could make one for a fraction of that.

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Big on first, smaller behind. There are online instructions for making a jordan series drogue for not much if you search.


IMO drogues are good if the direction you want to go is downwind. Parachutes if not. KM your boat could use a standard military cargo chute - ah la the Pardeys. They are cheap.  Id guess about 4m or a bit less for you. Look for a BOURD chute - a mate bought one on ebay for $25.00!


Mine is a proper W.A Coppins stormfighter, 5m, but pretty expensive. Works great though! :-) 

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Jordan Series is not the answer and never will be.


I have a 2.7mt chute for my boat. A very well made thing made in the US. A Paratech ........ maybe??? It's a little cutie and when packed away it's no bigger than a hiking sleeping bag rolled up.


Looks like a raft drogue for out the back, slow things down a bit.

Front end parachute would be much bigger, like 20' or 6 metres.


That's also what the owner and I believe them to be and why, they are too small to be any sort of stopper. We aren't sure what would be the best way to rig them up for the best performance.


I'll measure closer tomorrow but they are a metre maybe a bit more wider and with 2 of them they would present some nice drag. Each would have to present 4 or more sq/mts each, ball park when in use, that could be very handy. They are very well made and strong but have no names on them.


The plan is to put on a good bridle and off the junction to the streaming line run a line up each side that can reach a good winch which can be used to steer with. Or just leave them midships and take the braking action if required. This is all off the stern.

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I have a jordan drogue (copy) that is 100m long, including the bridle, probably a bit short but better than nothing. It is for using down wind, not recommended for use of the bow. That being said it is heavy and cumbersome to get up on deck in anything other than moderate seas. I find that lying hove to as good a solution as any, the boat lies comfortably taking the seas on the port / starboard bow, You make very little little leeway. Mentioned in one of Pardys books when they were lying Hove to they made about 12 miles leeway, another yacht in the same storm that lay a hull made 80 miles leeway. Not a problem if you have the sea room although that is 80 miles that has to be re-sailed once the weather improves. To date I've not been in weather bad enough to consider using the drogue.

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Big on first, smaller behind.

I found someone who is a drogue expert and he said the opposite for maximum drag but the big before the small will also work, they are designed to be used in a few configurations.


He reckons the above are brilliant as you can stage them, unlike many that are either on or off with nothing in between. like chutes and most Jordan styles, not that those and the above are designed to do the same job. The idea is in low/average wind you have a great steering drogue should you have a rudder/ steering system failure. You can also use it to slow the boat a bit or just help keep the bum behind the bow. As the conditions build you can stage up to maybe just the big one or then the big in front of the small or for the full fruit the small in front of the big.


He reckons the multiplier of having the small in front of the big could be as much as 4 times where having them the other way around is likely only to be 2 and at best 3 times. He reckons the stopping power would surprise most and the preliminary numbers he suggested it could see has us moving up from the planned 16mm to 20mm line because of the bigger than expected loads.


It was a very interesting chat and I've sent him the details which he's going to run thru something and hopefully give me some possible forces involved. Those would be very interesting to see. I'll stick them up if I'm allowed, there is a close connection to a organisation that is very twitchy about 'releasing' things publicly, even things seemingly innocent. Yeap a bureaucracy but not one of ours this time.


That being said it is heavy and cumbersome to get up on deck in anything other than moderate seas.

You don't pre-rig just in case?

I'm going to have mine set up so all I have to do is open the locker pull out the float/bag and throw the lot overboard, job done as it will do it all itself from there on. I expect my issues to come on retrieval.

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