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It's dark, Blue or Red?

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Traditionally night lights have been Red but technology has now given us Blue.


If you were staring from scratch and the cost was the same would you fit blue or red for night lighting?


Anyone used/got Blue? Would you keep it or change to another?








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I decided to do some research on this. Just out of interest. The main theme that came out of my reading was that everyone seems to have a different opinion. Not much different to here really. After m

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Yes theatres, I'd forgotten them.


They are just for night or mood lighting Kevin. So they want to be subtle and throw out just enough to get around the boat with. Flashing would drive me nuts, which is why the stereo head that came out of her had duct tape across the front of it, it flashed... once.


The blue does look good but a play last night would suggest the red 'light up' more than the blue. They were the exact same lights just different in colour. I dunno if the extra light was just Red doing more then Blue due to a spectrum thing or it was our eyes seeing Red easier. But the post play debrief had blue as the big favourite.


Rather than have 1 or 2 big lights I'm having a series if tiny micro lights. Better for coverage, less eye damage and looks ways sexier.

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So really it just comes down to what mood works best for ya - blue light or red.  Best ask the missus!

Ask the missus, hell no.


But I may ask the hot MILF over the back fence. At least the 1/2 hour near diatribe on colours will be mellowed by magnificent but highly inappropriate thoughts I'll be having at the same time :D

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when the cop car 1-1/2 ks down the strait has pulled another sucker over and his lights are flashing you pick up the red long before the blue.

A grizzle of mine is a red card seems to be the only colour available on the Contest 101's. I find that mine is almost impossible to read at night, I have replaced the light with an led, which helps, but it is still very difficult to read.Back in the day they all used to have black cards with white No's, I don't remember having difficulty with them?

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I can remember a big discussion on night light colour many years ago on CF. The information that came out in that discussion was that the actual colour, Blue through to Red, has no affect on maintaining your night vision. And in fact, having a very low intensity white was actually no different and in some respects even better.
However, just a couple of weeks ago, I read some research about this in regards to something completely different. And I thought, hmm, interesting and maybe of importance to what light you use for a Night light. So basically, Blue light keeps you awake. The research was actually about Blue light, which even though it looks white, there is a lot of Blue in the White of Laptops, Phones and so on, actually causes the Body to reduce the output of Seratonin. This causes you to struggle to get to sleep for at least a hr and up to two hrs after you have been viewing one of these. While at the other end of the spectrum, Red light produces Seratonin and makes you sleepy. It was suggested that for those that struggle with sleep and especially if you have to view screens before Bed, is to wear Blue Blocking sunglasses for the last hr.
So I wondered then if Blue light might be better to use due to it helping keep you awake. Where as Red may cause you to get sleepy.

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Oh gawd, with everyone knowing Red is faster and now Blue is heavier and keeps you awake, the dilemma is getting intense :D


I never considered the physiological aspects of the lights, that's a interesting angle Wheels. 

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