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Barker to helm Japan

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I am very disappointed in Barker. It was time or him to step down, he had his fair share of attempts to win the cup without success. If he was really interested in NZ winning the cup back he would have used his considerable experience to help NZ bring the cup back at the next regatta. Ego got in the way ? He may not have seen eye to eye with some of the team but for the greater good he should have stood by them.

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CG I don't agree at all. He is an Americas cup professional sailor. He could be a minion at ETNZ in difficult employment with bosses who (at least it seems from the outside) who shafted him, OR he could run a different team, where, if it wins, will crown his career. Easy choice. 


"Team NZ" is just a name, it is not a NZ team, and has not been for some time...

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At least there wont be any "lay" days for Dean. That's what lost him the cup imho this time and TNZ did not acknowledge it, anyway no one expects him to win and going in as the underdog will take a lot of the pressure off. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. The only negative about this is that it will also give our resident troll renewed vigor and at least 20 new sock puppets!

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