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Roof shout

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On a building site there are milestones which trigger a shout. like when the roof goes on.


When someone's building a boat and get to the stage it's water proof with all the hatches done and on, holes closed and basically waterproof (bar maybe the keel bolt holes) is there some tradition to shout the team or do we just do it anyway?


After a great weekend of wiggle twist measure, remeasure, tickle, vacuum, tickle again, measure again, etc and many beers, my beast is now fully enclosed inc hatches washboards and all that stuff.


Ya fecking Hoo!!!!!!!


Many big thanks to Otto for his very unusual bursts of common sense, knowing when to clam the savage beasts not so 'cunning plans', skills as cleaning bitch and stunning ability to solve my more beers than the fridge can handle conundrum.


Update - some finishing bits and bobs on the outside, sort out gudgeon's, sort out Nav table and put in Galley version 4 (I'm having galley commitment issues). Then it's paint and paper time. It seems my Xmas hols will involve excessive amounts of sandpaper.


Lovin doing it all and happier with the results than expected, especially with a few of the trick bits but it's time she became a real boat again. Knot long now babe.



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Supposedly the bricklayer would insert a sheet of glass in the chimney half way up and when the roof went on the owner would shout and one of the builders would drop a brick down to break the glass thus rendering the chimney functional.


If the owner didnt shout... the glass remained and the owner wonders why the fire will not draw and smokes the house out. Despite being able to see daylight up the chimney.


ole builders lore.... get your wallet out KM...

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PICS!! :-)



Do you really need an excuse ;-)  :razz:  :razz:  :oops:  :oops: ?

Yeah err Na. Just trying to knot look to much like a lush ;)



I do have quite a supply of the golden liquid so it's gotta go somehow. There are plans for a 1st night working again party. Probably a Motohie beach just after launching. You bring a thirst I'll bring the cure.

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Found these 2 interesting ones.


Rep new.jpg


approx a year later, a few months ago maybe?




That's the biggest visual change externally along with it now having a prod on the pointy end.


What isn't so obvious is that there are only 2 bits of the entire boat that are in both photos. Those 2 bits being the hull shell (all be it with a nibble out of it in the second photo) and the remains of the cabin. Even the interior in both photos are totally different, not that you can see that.


Never seen the before and after side by side like that. The new cockpit makes her arse look wider. That's something that you can say about you boat but not your Wa ;)


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