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Fan Worm inspections

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Was it a crook batch of anti fouling? Have you communicated / discussed it with the reseller? Bring it to their notice because they might agree it was a crook batch and give you free replacement for 2 years and request your findings in order to improve their product or participate in a research programme. Did you launch into the water within the time frame after applying the product 

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Another nail in the coffin of our personal freedoms.Hit the little guy.Never mind the freighters passing the B.O.I discharging their ballast tanks full of nasties.Next there will be a Dept.of Homeland

For a record of when an antifoul / scrub was done put it in the Log Book or personal diary, this should hold up in a court of law if ever challenged.

That is a very good point Steve. That sounds reasonable.   has anyone actually ever said why this thing is so bad? It obviously displaces something by competing, didymo perhaps? But apart from th

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Rehab, I use Altex No 5, all I have used in the last 12 years and been getting 3 years easy, the last antifoul was12 months ago and was still in excellent shape as expected, and hardly warranted a wash down when I hauled in December, 7 odd weeks ago so anti foul is/was on point.  So all the growth, and barnacle bills has occurred whilst in BOI over the past 7 weeks.  

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Wow!!  that is amazing how different marine environments/locations can have such a diverse effect on the anti foul.  Opua is a river outlet of course and heavily inundated with mangroves in the upper reaches, wonder if that is a factor.   Anyway it is back to GH as soon as there is a weather window that doesn't include headwinds.


Did I mention the damn bird invasion at dusk and dawn that necessitated washing decks and sail covers every day to remove the damn bird s..t.


Still great sailing up there and will return frequently.  But could not leave my lovely old girl on the mooring for any length of time.


Did I mention the road works north of Whangarei and the traffic lights at Warkworth on the drive up and back etc?    

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If anyone is interested, we tucked into Whangaroa Harbour for a few days this summer - one the second day a boat comes by with a diver to inspect the boat, who gave it a score (0, not sure what that meant but it seemed to be good), and off they went. I was on the Duke's nose at the time, but was reported to me that we went into a database so they don't re-inspect. Pretty tidy system. I did not get to experience what happens if the score was unacceptable but proof of a recent antifoul or washing was not asked for. Proof in the pudding.


The marinas and other fixtures will ask for proof of cleanings or recent antifouls, of course.


My experience was far from discouraging, and a vessel with a reasonably clean hull (which is good practice for a number of reasons) should be able to cruise unimpeded.

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I have Altex NO.5 on my hull...in Whangarei harbour at Onerahi.  NRC has condemned my boat from leaving the harbour until cleaned.   It does have very small fan worms...but it is heavily barnacled, no slime though.  Steady 2 knot max current between tides and 3 knot-ish between nep tides at the mooring when I left the knot log running and recording for a month-ish on the mooring. 

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Unless there has been a formulation change ?

You mean like when the government (EPA) banned all the chemicals that worked in antifoul?

How long ago was it now? 1 July 2017? (might have my year wrong)


They put that ban through about the same time as they started trying to legislate against the movement of fanworm, asian paddle crab, the white thing that looks like ball sacks, japanese seaweed, etc etc


government does not apply logic to anything...

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Doing boat time yesterday on the marina when approached by a absolutely ravishing Spanish beauty conducting a survey concerning the spread of invasive marine nasties.

Took her below and plied her with crisp cold water from my Chilly,s bottle which by the way is simply brilliant and gave her welcome relief from the blazing heat of the day.

Crikey when you are my age in the close company of such a stunning young woman in the close confines of your saloon the mind plays all sorts of tricks so keeping the real fear of being busted by my wife I kept to the high moral ground and completed the survey to her satisfaction.

Interestingly she was on a scholarship conducting research into the management of marine pests funded in part by the Australian New Zealand and Spanish governments as we here are apparently internationally regarded as the pinup country regarding our management strategies and the Spanish have not yet formulated a plan.

This however really rocked my boat.

She had been given a swipe thingy to freely access the marina to conduct the survey and approached the Ponsonby ,Richmond and Squadron for access to their members to assist in her endeavours. Two clubs said no worries feel free the Squadron flatly refused.

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