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Delivery SKipper and a crew member Via cook strait napier Tutakaka

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Delivery crew required skipper and a crew member

"Owner done 3 passages to/ from the islands as crew and coastal cruising.


Boat fairly well set up  new  life raft to be confirmed [ - hiring sat phone - new flares - epirb  to be confirmed


{ Airfares and bus fares to and from vessel }


Free on board and a meal and drinks at Tutukaka.yacht club at owners expenses / shout on arrival from the south. Would consider other requests I think




473 47ft twin wheel Beneteau.


Skipper to File a trip report.


Two experienced crew members required with verifiable references. One to be the skipper. Owner will be on board.


Compulsory port call  Wellington Napier for weather isobar map and 4 day weather forecasts before setting sail for northland..


East coast the winds would be off shore not on shore as per the west coast and from SW and in all probability would have no windward sailing.


Hand held VHFs and cell phones with water proof packaging, your own or the vessel could have provide them.


New Flares.


Clip on Life lines . Bow to stern port and starboard.to be mandatory.


Post, phone numbers and personal details references for consideration.


This is  a reasonable size monohull boat and the trip would look good on a any CV.


I'm committed time wise at moment.



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Not telling.


The owner requires experienced with larger size vessels that have done coastal or ocean passages, experienced crew or as a skipper or both. At a guess this is a first time boat owner as all his sailing experience declared has been as crew.


If I was purchasing a vessel as per his declared experience I would have made the purchase subject to taking pocession at Tutukaka.


I don't think trailer sailor size owners or crew experience, as sole experience would qualify.

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Further information for intending real interested participants.


Departure date would be with a slow moving large high pressure weather system slow moving onto the country with isobars, wide apart that would  give the vessel and crew south to south west or SE winds, running, reaching conditions  for 3 days or more. Then possibly east to NE winds then on with no tropical depressions on south pacific climate weather maps, and sat photos. 

Fixed vhf, no ssb,  new hand held vhf, new EPIRB, new cat 1 flare kit, RFD life raft and rented, which means it would be fully in service [12 month  which would show on the service sticker by an authorized service provider, probably air nz ] sat phone, fixed Raymarine chartplotter with radar.

Vessel is the last Beneteau 473 imported new to NZ end of 2005 one owner with little use Nelson [ ? ]



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Actually Rehab, it works pretty well for most.

Your particular advert is difficult to understand, deliberately withholds info, and is in an unusual tone. Most people looking for Crew/Skippers want clear, no nonsense language, not something that is odd before the crew even meets. IMO you will not get anyone worthwhile from an advert in this format. People what to know the basics - Where from - to, what boat, when, likely time frame, terms of engagement.

Your reputation on this site does not help either.

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Positions have been filled with same ad on SA Web site.


Owners and crew need to know what the vessels has, history, systems, trust, safety equipement etc  and the owners need to know the experience the skipper and the crew levels are for a new asset investment.



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re - "Compulsory port call  Wellington Napier for weather isobar map and 4 day weather forecasts before setting sail for northland."


 If you knew what you were talking about you would know basic weather info  could be dialed up on a cell or the boats sat phone by alot of 5 year olds without wasting a day or so entering various ports. You should also know the skipper is in charge and will decide if it necessary to enter a port or not, not the owner or some shore based ####


If you dont demand compulsory port calls, folk just may take you a little more seriously, but probably not, especially with alot of the other nonsense  jargon you have put in your advert.


No wonder youre not getting the responses you were hoping for.



​By the way, what are you paying for the experienced  skipper and crew you are wanting ??





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