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YNZ Safety Regulation Amendment

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YNZ Safety Regulation Amendment

Yachting New Zealand Safety and Technical Officer wants to let owners of boats that hold safety category 2 & 3 certificates, and those that are intending undergoing a category 1 inspection, that there has been an amendment to the Safety Regulations of Sailing 2013 – 2016 as follows;

Page 49: 16.20

Internal stowage. In the event of a ‘knockdown’ or inversion to 180 degrees all fridge / freezer lids,  locker tops, cabin soles, bunk tops, engine cabinetry etc should have a secure fastening so that they remain in place.




I can understand Cat 1 & 2 but Cat 3?  In my case that's a lot of work just for the Coastal.



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I'd like to think I'm much the same.  I like to keep my boat in a Cat 3 state even for cruising; albeit the Cat 3 certificate isn't kept current.   My biggest issue with this amendment is the increa

Agree with you both.   I'm told what you can do is hang a 20lt bottle of water off the end of your kite pole and swing it out to one side. Then do some fiddling with al or bits of that, I can't quit

The inspectors have the ability to pass a vessel due to it's offshore past I had a bit of a disagreement with one inspector about chainplate fixings. He said he'd pass the boat on a historical basis.

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I wonder what the driver for this has been?


Have there a number of cases of serious injury or damage caused by locker tops, during frequent 180 degree inversions that cruisers often experience.


That must be the case, else there would be no need to amend the rules. People don't just change rules for the hell of it because they think it should be that way... Oh wait ....



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this is only the start it looks like someone knows more than the those that put the Cat 1,2&3 together

must have been reading a cruising  yachties book about a trip around the horn which rolled  360  degrees 

I wont be drilling holes in my bench top and freezer lid to put a lock on, it has hinges so its held in place ,my floor boards are light weight foam and glass would not hurt anyone 

if they make the rules to tough they will loses entries  

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