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YNZ Safety Regulation Amendment

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Just remove the floor boards for cat 3 inspection,  just put them back for cruising. Most boats need to bale out the bilges, the screws wont stay in for long.


For the CC cat 3 is painful. I understand why a safety certificate is required because the organisers can't easily inspect every boat on the start line.


For a CC one pyro flares is ample, one small fire extinguisher, no cooking facilities and a life raft strapped on a multihull is a hazard.


Instead I would like to have the option of an electronic strobe type flare, spare mobile phone and descent wet weather gear as a requirement. The amount of water we carry for a 12 hour race is also OTT. Not as if we will try and weather out a storm, would beach the boat before that happened.

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I'd like to think I'm much the same.  I like to keep my boat in a Cat 3 state even for cruising; albeit the Cat 3 certificate isn't kept current.   My biggest issue with this amendment is the increa

Agree with you both.   I'm told what you can do is hang a 20lt bottle of water off the end of your kite pole and swing it out to one side. Then do some fiddling with al or bits of that, I can't quit

The inspectors have the ability to pass a vessel due to it's offshore past I had a bit of a disagreement with one inspector about chainplate fixings. He said he'd pass the boat on a historical basis.

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For the CC cat 3 is painful. I understand why a safety certificate is required because the organisers can't easily inspect every boat on the start line.


For a CC one pyro flares is ample, one small fire extinguisher, no cooking facilities and a life raft strapped on a multihull is a hazard..

So your issue is not the requirements of Cat 3 but the fact that the event requires Cat 3. That's not YNZ's problem.


That said, I respectfully suggest if you find yourself using one fire extinguisher you're probably going to be glad you have another one, especially if the first had failed. Same with the one flare.


Cooking facilities are not mandatory in Cat 3 as far as I can tell.


If all that's happening is YNZ is making clear the meaning of a clause I think that's a good thing because having just gone through the process I found the regs a bit ambiguous at times.

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Yep. Big brother will look after some .For the rest it's quite apparent how the regulations are regarded.We don't enter races because of them and some ridiculous requirements for coastal racing. We still do  coastal passages in our droves.Our boats are reasonably well equipped as demonstrated by the low number of keelboat incidents.We watch the weather and have a good understanding of sailing and seamanship.(Well some of us the latter).Result is falling Yacht Club memberships,and YNZ.Oh and it's amusing that race starts get delayed at the first sign of any blow ....IMO it's all up to the skipper what gear etc.his boat needs based around some basic rules. e.g the Stewart 34's racing with no lifelines seems to create no issues for the crew ?..

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Just a small point - the floor boards don't have to be screwed down, just secured. A clip or latch is sufficient, and better for all the reasons above.


These look pretty good http://pyiinc.com/index.php?section=panel_anchor

I was thinking a couple of tensioned webbing strips running fore and aft over floorboards and bunk lids under squabs. Use them when racing in coastal etc or on a passage, unclip them when you arrive or need access to lockers/bilge.


Quick to access, light and should be pretty effective if done right.

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Same topic but slightly different point I notice looking through my BBYC club book that YNZ have clarified further rules and that cat 1, cat 2 and cat 3 safety certificates will now need to prove their boat stability;  cat 4 & 5 will be self certified as per usual but the yacht club reserves the right to perform spot checks.  Recommended proof of stability is by pull down tests, STIX or external handicap rating.

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A pull down test IS the most reliable. Not all boats are actually built as designed.


If your boat is not a known design, or is modified, you WILL likely have to have a pull down test - another expense. KM, I've been told (admittedly a few years ago now) that most boats will have to have a pull down test, unless a stability curve can be provided from the designer. Fortunately, I have one....


KM, I'd expect you'll need one. How else will you get accurate data on your boat? It isn't exactly "standard" now, eh?


Another cost... :-(

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