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Sea trial completed today and I must say it went very well indeed.  Wind was very light but enough to get up to 5 kts close hauled.  Sails are in very good condition and even the broker was surprised

I have reached that ripe old age where Jacinda is helping to subsidise my lifestyle, so my wife and I are retiring to Waikawa Bay in Picton.  I have lost my pilot's medical so can't fly anymore, and n

Welcome to Waikawa and the WBC Jantar. I’m sure we will meet in person there at some stage.   Good move joining the club, the use of the moorings is invaluable. As for learning to sail your new boa

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Rehab ‍♂‍♂‍♂‍♂


‘Compass yachts’ refers to the builder of the boat, not to ‘Compass charters’ the local charter company. You can tell by looking at the photos the boat isn’t and hasn’t at least recently been in charter survey.

Most of the cruising yachts in the area wouldn’t point to 30 deg. under sail. No need for this boat too.

 That's a matter of opinion.


Yea 30 D was a bit high for a reason. Townson's  32 can point to within 32-33 deg on the wind. Anyway no doubt on the test sail his mate will put the boat through it's paces and he will be able to  determine for himself how close it can point with full genoa.  genoa furl to a No 2 position , No 2 jib furl, No 1 jib furl depending how the rig is tuned and sheeting block cars, and whether the boat has fine sheet twigging, barber haulers, tell tales, mainsail Cunningham and second sail tracks for when using hacked on No2 genoa and No 1 No 2 jibs.  Pelorus Sound is totally different than Queen Charlotte. Pelorus and D " ville Island, to Nelson after a 6 months in the sounds is the usual cruising exploring destinations. Spent many months cruiser all those areas and hardly spent time 10 % in Queen Charlotte s, which was New years day and the following few days and a couple off other days.. Queen Charlotte the "PARTY DRINKERS SOUND". I don't think they are party poopers could be wrong though. 

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On the other hand since retiring I've spent a lot more comfortable nights tucked up in my bed anchored snugly in the Lee of Bum Island instead of being out on the road somewhere, so he will have to come up with a good plan to lure me back.



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I have already made an offer on http://www.vinings.co.nz/index.php?mact=V8,cntnt01,viewstock,1&cntnt01stocktype=Marine&cntnt01stocksubtype=Yacht&cntnt01price_low=10&cntnt01price_high=50000&cntnt01order_by=price&cntnt01view_type=&cntnt01offset=2&cntnt01returnid=78&page=78

I have had it on my watch list for a few months when it was at a higher price, but when the price was reduced as much as it was I jumped at it.  It is undergoing survey this week.



 When and if you take it for a test sail it would pay to have two other experienced sailors on board with you besides the broker to test the spinnaker and spinnaker sheets to see how she preforms. 


Hyperlinks showing a mainsail boom cradle configuration you may find of interest.





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The on board electrical shore power.


At present does not have. Here are the details re the regulations if you have not already organised or determined



No problems with getting an EWoF.  I am well aware of all the requirements there.


The survey report has arrived, and was much as I expected.  A sound boat in good general condition, but in need of some exterior cleaning and polish. The only negative was that the engine was in need of a service and replacement fuel filter.

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