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Wet gear

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We've been here before but it was while ago so time for a update. Also coming back from the Te Kouma race yesterday it pissed down and my gear, that was decidedly average from use one, is now less use at holding out water than a sponge sitting 10mts below sea level.


Is the gear you have water proof, generally?

Has it been that way for a while i.e. has it lasted?


The brand, colour, shape, smell, who wears it, what the manufacturer says, what it drives, how it looks on the yacht club fashion runway or who it's been shagging are all 100% irrelevant. All I care about is waterproof and the longevity of that.


So far I've items from Kaiwaka and Alpinestar on the 'to be sussed' list. What others should be on it do you think?

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Out of all my yachting wet weather gear, the best way I have found to keep dry is inside a launch.    

With all due respect we were doing 18 knots when you were on the lee side getting the zero down dambo. I don't think any wet weather gear would cope well with that - or the drenching from the rain af

Yeap but it is also a waterproofing agent so ......... I have nothing to lose so are thinking why knot.   I have a commercial wet gear person about to give me their thoughts in a few of the names me

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that was a pretty serious drenching


and we missed a lot of it as it didn't really start to hammer until we were unloading


all my wet weather gear is now on the line drying, even the stuff left in the bags that leaked through the zips and seams


sleeping bag, books, camera, phone, etc all drying on the window sill


when fall rate is that high on the outside


and temp + humidity so high on the inside


not sure any wet weather gear can do much  

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Heaps of stuff advertised as waterproof zips ain't. Orca dry bags for example. I cut off the zip section after a mobile phone ended up in a puddle of water. It took LOTS of hassle before Orca finally did the right thing by me personally, but they still sell their junk as waterproof when they know it's not. Likewise Macpac event fabric jackets. I've also been ripped off by a guy in Nelson on tradem selling "waterpoof" drybags


I know the big rubber zip on my Musto HPX Ocean Drysuit SH1604 bought in 2009 was still waterproof in 2011 because I tested it then at the Advanced Sea Survival Course.


My old musto wet weather gear worked fine for a few years but now doesn't. I can't vouch for the quality of the stuff they sell now.


Here's what happened with the Orca crowd: Beaumont Westhaven Tri and Run  purchased 20Feb2013. waterproof zip is not waterproof. water pools in pocket
23sep2013 left msg for new manager Ms Thanya (russian?) who pretended 25Sep2013 she hadn't received. It was amazingly simple to get her to contradict herself that she had in fact got the message. Then she blamed the person who left the message saying she may have been too busy to write down my phone number. She said first "I didn't receive the message." 5 seconds later she said "The message didn't have your phone number on it. She began the conversation by trying to say I bought the bag last year and thus nothing could be done. Then she said she would have to contact the manufacturers and asked me to email to accounts. She said they had no bags like my "waterproof" backpack in the shop. The stupid thing is that this "manager" has almost totally destroyed in 30 seconds the goodwill I had for the company. I have been raving about the brilliance of the product to all my friends and I said to the woman who took the phone message on 23rd that I would instantly buy 5 bags if they could make them yellow and get rid of non-waterproof zip!!!

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Musto pants and Line 7 jacket - both gave approx. 18 months before apparently becoming colanders.

After trying different methods and products that various people insisted worked for them (including the manufacturers) I used the 'paint it on' sh*t that Canvas City sell for waterproofing canvas.  I stayed dry in the last Coastal Classic.  


Yesterday,... hard to know.  I was already pretty damp when I put my jacket on because I was getting cold - the leeward pointy bit of Sundreamer was pretty wet on the way home.

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Yeah, I'm getting sick of this too.  I think I've got at least two full sets of uselessness hanging somewhere.

 Last time I thought it might have been cured by a heavy application of "sure to work" stuff.  Nope.  You can tell how bad they are by how much they weigh when you take them off.  One of the crew still has his pvc gear from about thirty years ago and it still works.  (a little sweaty being non breathable).  

So same dilemma.  Keep trying more concoctions?  Buy another set?  Which?  Cut holes in a rubbish bag?

 I just know you've got to stay dry and warm, especially on long trips.  It's pretty much a safety issue in my opinion.

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