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Marshall Law Ross 40, 2 handed build up.

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So Smithy has been working his butt off since getting back from offshore. 

New instruments fitted

Vang dump switches fitted

main traveller modified and fitted

winches serviced 


Pick up the sails tomorrow and get the jib top converted to hanks.

The rig goes back in friday.

The marshall goes in for cat 2 certification on wednesday


Then WHITE ISLAND RACE friday yehaaaa!!


Looking light too on metvuw. 






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Flash your torch at us if you would like more base......

Ha they were replaced ages ago! Its not the cockpit speakers that makes all the noise its the party stereo.........  

Video of the ssanz 100

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All this Ross 40 trash talk makes me want to go and buy the old JJ and give her a big birthday. Mind you, whilst I could possibly afford the work required on JJ, I couldn't scratch the surface on what would be required for the old crew...

Look forward to the RNI, what are they using for trackers? YB?

Yes YB trackers all the way, just finalising the deal now, 10min pings updated every 30min

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Pretty big effort by Smithy and Phil over the weekend saw The Marshall become a full yacht again. Few more jobs to do and a couple of sail modifications and we hit the start line on Friday for Round White island. 


Thanks to Smithy for the massive effort last week.


White island race report coming next.  



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