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A not Anti-fouling anti fouling?

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I see burnsco selling retail packs of Prop Speed now... http://www.burnsco.co.nz/productdisplay.aspx?categoryId=0&productId=15239&colour=

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Yep it is the one that MarkMT has linked to. It is the same product type as the Interspeed and Hempels Silic-one etc two component Silicon slippery stuff. Their Prop stuff is just like the Propspeed product.
Do note that the Hull still gets growth when sitting in a Berth. Growth won't stay for long once underway of course and that is the big plus, but all these coatings foul up when the Boat is sitting in the Marina. So just don't expect a clean Hull when berthed for any length of time, if you happen to be one that wants the Hull to look clean all the time.
The only concern I have (of the product type) is how robust these coatings are to strops on the Straddle Lifts, if you are going to lift and clean regularly.
I do think that this kind of product is going to be the future. Next year, a bunch of Biocides are to be banned from Antifouls and that is going to limit many Antifouls performance. The Silicon stuff is expensive compared to ordinary AF, but it is not as expensive as Epoxy Copper Coat and should last about as long. Plus it is likely that the Silicon stuff could be applied by the Owner. That will depend on the Primer I suspect. The Primer for Propspeed was nasty stuff and they didn't want just anyone playing with it. But I suspect the alternative brands may have found primers less nasty.
I also don't know what issues would be had if you ever need to paint the Hull in the Future. Any Silicon coatings can make that kind of thing a nightmare. But then, why would you, apart from a repair and a good aggressive grind should solve that.

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Wheels - looks like they recognise the issue around strops etc

"HULL FINISH system creates an extremely slippery surface, especially when wet. When lifting the vessel in an out of the water it is strongly advised that the front and rear support slings are secured together with a tether to prevent the slings from sliding apart. Additionally, we recommend that the lifting slings are tied to the top side cleats. Foam pads should be used between cradle / support legs and the hull to avoid slippage."


Thinking that this kind of product would work quite well on a mooring


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