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There isn't a bog standard Piliington GBE centreboard, they were made in a steel clamp up mold with a central spar/spacer thingy in them and then had the centreboard built around the finished board - they varied In chord - A LOT. And this is what Voom, whoi etc are dealing with. What fits one boat may or may not fit another. Your best option is to get the molds from Tim W and make another one at least then you will know it fits the inserts in your existing CB cases.

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Well that's interesting!


My boards are being repaired by some people who should know how.


I just want to tidy up that whole area, the inserts that I use at present look pretty amo' and leave a big hole at the hull/foil junction. That's a lot of excess drag. Although they probably saved us even more drama on Sunday.


Now that I know that there is no "standard" board, I guess I'll have to do it the hard way. Build a blank and plane it down, one mm at a time.

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There were 2 GBE boards for sale on trade me recently. They sold for $92 to someone called Hamish from Hibiscus coast.




I gave my old boards to Curly for the Plan B. However I might still have the end bits off the new boards from when I cut them off at the right angle. I will have a look for you.

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