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Orakei Moorings

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Just reading the paperwork from the recent AYBA AGM and found this snippet in the summary of the Auckland Super Shitty Unitary Plan -



Okahu Bay Mooring management area
The Maoris have successfully applied to have Okahu Bay delisted as a mooring zone. With 12 months
of the plan coming into operation all mooring must be removed. AYBAs position was that it did not
have a position mainly because the clubs within the bay were in favour, whereas individual boat
owners were likely to be opposed. Anyone wishing to have a mooring within the bay such as a
committee boat mooring for one of the clubs must apply for a resource consent, which will be dealt
with as a restricted permitted activity.

It is difficult to believe that boat owners in the bay are aware of what is about to hit them. No
compensation or allowance for their costs have been mooted. There may be several upset owners.




AYBA = Auckland Yacht and Boating Association

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Wow, thats actually massive news for a LOT of boat owners. Id be pretty upset if I were moored. They have been there for a LONG time. Will the wall of poles stay? Will look stupid with a big empty hole inside it.

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I'm moored there. Does anyone know the process for lodging an appeal against the Unitary Plan?

I'd like to think the general public can speak up and make a change but I'd suggest you start sussing options sadly Kevin. It may pan out the plans change but you and a couple of other mooring holders verses how scared the council is over upsetting Maori, has me thinking you really should be planing for the worse unfortunately.


I was surprised to see that bit in the plans. There's been talk of getting all the moorings out for many years but no one really took it as something that may ever actually happen.

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just okahu


supposedly all the moorings in sheltered okahu can be be moved around to exposed hobson


but they haven't surveyed hobson well enough to know where they'd go...


have no plans to do a survey or add to the facilities...


no funds to do a survey or upgrade facilities...


but still apparently expect all boats out of okahu 


within a year of the unitary plan passing

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ferge's kayaks 


akarana yacht club


and ngati whatua


all made submissions to 'open up' nice, sheltered okahu bay to better their use of it


they don't like the moorings there


or the people who clog up the public facilities using them


the marina also wants permission to expand


the mooring holders did not make any submissions about retaining their moorings


and are now unable to 


as the date for submissions has closed

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Here is a map from the decision version of the Unitary Plan. The Mooring area has been removed from Okahu Bay but there is still one to the west. The Red box around the existing moorings is a precinct, which means it has its own special rules. The rules of this precinct allow the existing moorings to to remain for 12 months, after which it becomes a prohibited activity - which means no one can apply for a resource consent for a mooring there, even existing mooring holders.


The Marina has a precinct too, which means it can't grow without going through the plan change process.


There is an explanation of the decision here in 7.2.4:  http://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/EN/planspoliciesprojects/plansstrategies/unitaryplan/Documents/ihprecommendations/ihp033034generalcoastalmarinezone.pdf 


Precinct Rules here: http://unitaryplan.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/Images/Auckland%20Council%20Decision/Chapter%20I%20Precincts/3.%20Central/I324%20Okahu%20Bay%20Precinct.pdf 










Okahu Bay.JPG

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Would I be wrong in thinking that half of the boats on moorings in Okahu bay only leave when the mooring fails and they end up on the wall?


And anyone blaming the local iwi: perhaps you should consider how you would act if your land next to a beach was taken off you, and before it was given back someone installed a sewerage treatment plant, an extensive road along the water front, and filled the bay with moorings.


Wouldn't you try to fix each of those problems?

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if you did want to avoid the rush 


and move to hobson now


you'd find that you can't...


everything's sort of been shut down until the plan is approved


then apparently


everyone has to move within a year


seemingly they won't start formulating the move plan 


until the unitary plan has been approved


how long will the move plan take to make, the bay to survey, will that come out of the year?


how busy will the mooring guys be?


how much will it cost to move a mooring that was only surveyed last year 1km ?


will people who row out to their mooring from the okahu ramp and dinghy racks have to row the extra km to get the new mooring area from the old dock?


will the new electric gate at the new public dock at hobson be widened to allow frp dinghies on dollies to fit through, will the dinghy stand be moved? 


will some of the marina pay parking be converted back to free parking for the cars that will now need to park at the marina to access the hobson public dock?

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