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Help choosing a trailer sailer - big is better right?

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Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to sailing and my wife and kids (7/8yrs) are even greener. We have owned power boats for awhile so not new to the Marine environment.


We are going to buy a trailer sailer, please offer some suggestions and help me to clarify what is important in a TS.


I am of the belief that big is better -



Big=longer ownership (won't grow out of it so quick)

Big=7.5m & over

Big=heavy (I have 3lt diesel Hilux max braked 2250Kg)



Am I right? Please convince me of otherwise!!! Will us 4 fit and be happy in a smaller package??


I'm a pretty capable person so please don't offer suggestions of absolute learner type boats (i.e buy small to learn first) I would prefer to buy once and buy the right boat and accept a slightly steeper/harder learning curve.


My max budget is 15K (rules out Nolex 25 which I think is ideal boat)


Thanks in advance for your experienced opinions.

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Has 18 hp Mercury outboard witch goes very well.

New auto helm which can be included if price is rite.

Marine radio


Boom tent that encloses the whole read of yacht.

Stainless maths cooker

A 18hp would have it near flying. The autohelm could be handy with a new mum and kids to boating. Looks like quite a pile of goodies for 15K.


It must have been owned by an accountant or Minister of Finance, I see it has a 'maths cooker' :)


Don't forget the bigger the boat the bigger the wagon has to be to pull it.

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Negatives of larger are of course towing and storing. Do you have sufficient room to park a 25' yacht on trailer? Is your tow vehicle heavy enough? Most FWD cars would be getting a bit uncomfortable with a 2T plus load on the back. In fact, ( I realize you have a Hilux but will you always have utes? ) I believe that is past the tow rating of most cars, and many light SUV's. The Trojan linked above is around 1500KG hull weight, add in a tandem trailer  (maybe 300KG, probably more? ) and some basic gear, provisions, water, anchor and battery, a battery or two and your probably getting well past to 2250Kg.


Dare I admit it on here, but we also have a Tristram 781 with an inboard eggbeater, and that thing is rated as being 3250Kg on the trailer, within the tow rating of most current series diesel utes and heavy SUV's. But, put over a weigh bridge with gear on it incl fuel and some water, its 4300Kg.... Weights have a nasty habit of climbing quite sharply once you set up a yacht.


That all being said, your hilux should do fine, although may well be above its manufacturers rating. With your hilux, the question may be more "are you happy towing large and heavy trailers?" because not everyone is  confident to do so, and many are also not competant in doing so.


Maintenance will be a bit more on the larger yacht, but really, on a TS what is there really? No haul out fees, no antifoul, rigging is exceptionally easy to replace, if you ever have to. They will have outboards which as long as not 100 years old, nor of no name Chinese origin, tend to cause little problem. 


Once you get past that, the larger yacht has few drawbacks in the TS world in my opinion. This comes from someone who feels cramped in most 35'ers so take that with a grain of salt. Remember that LWL gives better hull speed, 6Kn give or take with a 6m LWL. Drop to a 5m LWL and your down approx 10% on that.


As a kid I remember many happy times out on a 21' TS in Tauranga or Auckland harbors, so get out and look at some. a 25' of one design may have less usable space than a 22' of another design.

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Maths cooker lol, I saw that I messaged that guy a couple of days ago, He seems to think it weighs about 2000kg. A lot of boat for the price......


You might be right about additional load taking it over weight,I could carry stuff in the tray of ute. I plan to keep it up Kawakawa bay for the summer so wouldn't have to tow very far all that often.

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