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Happy Teeth the Leopard Seal

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It's been reported it came up under a dingy and gave it a bump in Westhaven yesterday.


Not to sure if it was intentional and if so a good or bad meaning nudge. It may have just been saying G'day or it maybe looking for a big lunch, don't know.


It's also reported to have chased another dog. Again it maybe wanting to play or have lunch, know one is sure.


Westhaven and DOC are monitoring Happy Teeth and don't appear too concerned but has said to keep an eye out for it just in case.


The PCC Sailing School (an Olympic Gold and Silver medal sailing school now) are aware of what's what so are keeping a watch on the situation to make sure little Johnny or Janice doesn't get eaten. 


Just a heads up not a 'get out of the water warning'. Please report any incidents to the Westhaven office so they can monitor her better.



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I'm interested in the idea of "stay 20m away" that they recommend.


That could rip your nightie if she's basking on your pier, between the ramp and the boat. "Can't go racing tonight lads, let's retire early to the bar". "Sorry about the weekend cruise that I invited you on, looks like we're sleeping in the car."

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Westhaven will ferry you past her if you get trapped on the pier, of course it pays to take your phone to be able to call them.

Though DOC are monitoring her wellbeing I am extremely concerned about the wellbeing of the Westhaven parore population, their numbers have plummeted and of course when the eco system gets out of balance, we have now an explosion of growth on the piles and piers without the parore nibbling on it. So I guess it will cost all of us to entertain her in the Marina.....

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Well,in one very possible scenario.....Next year she'll be back with pups , and then  a few years later they come back with pups , and then we end up like  those marinas you see closed down in America.. San Diego? covered in sea lions , cept we get  leopard seals.

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young leopard seals are often up this far north


but only ever by themselves


when she wants pups, or probably before


she'll head back south, find a mate, calve on the ice and not come back


records of leopard seals along the SouthAfrica coast are:23 october 1969 at Hout Bay, 17 August 2005 at Hout Bay and a record 4 years ago 15 July 2010 at ‘Die Dam’ in the Western Cape.






Leopard seals are potentially highly dangerous towards humans, but attacks are rarely reported.[20] Examples of aggressive behaviour, stalking and attacks have been documented.[21] Notable incidents include:


 leopard seal attack on a member of Shackleton's crew, Thomas Orde-Lees, who was skiing across sea ice when a leopard seal emerged from between two floes and lunged after him in bold, snakelike movements. Orde-Lees managed to keep ahead, kicking and gliding, until the seal dived into an open lane of water and tracked him from below—following his shadow—to pop up ahead. Orde-Lees turned and yelled for help. The seal pursued until it was shot dead by Frank Wild, Shackleton's second-in-command.

  • A large leopard seal attacked Thomas Orde-Lees (1877–1958), a member of Sir Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914–1917 when the expedition was camping on the sea ice.[20] A large "sea leopard" of about 12 ft (3.7 m) long and 1,100 lb (500 kg) chased Orde-Lees on the ice. He was saved only when another member of the expedition, Frank Wild, shot the animal.
  • In 1985, Scottish explorer Gareth Wood was bitten twice on the leg when a leopard seal tried to drag him off the ice and into the sea. His companions managed to save him by repeatedly kicking the animal in the head with the spiked crampons on their boots.[20][21]
  • In 2003, a leopard seal dragged snorkeling biologist Kirsty Brown of the British Antarctic Survey nearly 200 ft (61 m) underwater to her death, in what was identified as the first known human fatality from a leopard seal.[20][21]

Leopard seals have shown a particular predilection for attacking the black, torpedo-shaped pontoons of rigid inflatable boats, necessitating researchers to equip their craft with special protective guards to prevent them from being punctured.[21][22]

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according to this stuff story she's a bulky adult


but being stuff


they then go on to say she's not that bulky at all


Miller noted this seal wasn't as large as adult females could grow to, and was probably happy eating fish and crabs in the Waitemata Harbour "and certainly not looking for anything bigger".




certainly wouldn't want any of the 'toy' dogs barking at her or swimming when she's near 

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She has followed and sized up at least three boatbuilders dogs that I know of recently in different areas of Westhaven, and I believe followed the berley trail to the squadrons kids fishing event on opening day, now that would have caused a fuss chewing on a junior member, luckily their noise seemed to put it off.

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I'm quite astounded that something this apparently dangerous hasn't been rehomed. Has anyone complained about it? 

Having a bay full of kids in a sailing school we have taken many precautions to make sure none get eaten. That has involved talking to DOC, the Zoo and some Seal experts amongst others.


All have said while they can be dangerous it is living in a predator free environment so will be relaxed, it has a good very easy food source so won't be hungry, gets to lounge around so will be getting lazy, all of which adds up to making her rather laid back, as can be seen by the way people walk past her and she doesn't care, unlike in the wild where she would probably have a crack at something that came that close.


Basically they said treat her like a big dog or shark or wife. Take a swipe at it and it very well may swipe back, let it be and it has no reason to have a go at anything. They have also said with the abundance of easy to catch food why would it go after something far larger and harder to eat like little Johnny. 


Basically she has done nothing for anyone to be worried about and shouldn't do as long as no one pisses her off, again just like most wives ;)

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