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Happy Teeth the Leopard Seal

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I wish it would eat the little handbag dog of one of idiots going on about how cute she is. That might change a few minds.   I saw a comment on one of the many facebook loveins about the ‘cute’ sea

I dont understand why shooting it is not an option. I'm not stirring, I just don't understand. Its not endangered, it is causing trouble and there is a risk it may injure humans.   And I'm glad to p

Still not really the point. You pay for the marina berth and included in that is security for your vessel and fittings. If some hoon had come down to your boat and destroyed your dinghy, you would ex

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What is it with the misogyny theme?

You see misogyny in that? Really??? 

Open a window, let some fresh air in.


I saw a huge school of grey mullet in Westhaven on Monday, around piers L and M.

Over the north corner there are motherload as well. Not so many of the real big ones though, maybe that's why Happy Teeth is looking so fat :D


Not to sure I'd be scrubbing my bottom at the moment. Thrashing around in a wetsuit could look like a male seal doing some mating thing........... I very much don't like the idea of where that could lead to.

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I'm interested in the idea of "stay 20m away" that they recommend.


That could rip your nightie if she's basking on your pier, between the ramp and the boat. "Can't go racing tonight lads, let's retire early to the bar". "Sorry about the weekend cruise that I invited you on, looks like we're sleeping in the car."

Happened to is in Florida with a alligator. Had to wait a few hours till it decided to move on

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Because of seal?

Its not an ordinary seal. Leopard Seals have killed people, They are an apex predator. I've been diving with seals on quite a few occasions, but I would not intentionally dive near a leopard seal. 

If you are interested, look up leopard seals on google, there are quite a few cases of attacks and a few deaths. Then consider that most of these animals live far away from humans...

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when people start complaining


we'll go through a public breast beating period


people talking heath + safety


there'll be counter arguments that orca are also here


but it will be pointed out that the snorkeller that was killed shows that despite minimal human interaction leopards are recent killers and probably 10x? more dangerous than killers


it should be down south, it should have recovered sufficient condition to be returned safely by rnzaf herc to southland


if gareth morgan will fund it etc etc etc


as long as cats get registered with bell collars


etc etc etc

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