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Happy Teeth the Leopard Seal

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I went for a swim/bottom-clean on Saturday... :-o

She swam under voom as i was putting on my wetsuit one day. I waited an hour and she was still there. The following weekend she was back before racing.


I like scotties suggustion. My wife says i cant say "club the f$cker", so i wont...

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DOC is also working with the vets at Auckland Zoo's New Zealand Centre for Conservation Medicine to monitor Owha's extended stay in Auckland.

"Together we're looking at whether Owha could be relocated.

This is a complex process and would require Owha to be anaesthetised, which is a high-risk procedure with seals.

"As soon as they're anaesthetised, some seals go into a dive reflex and stop breathing. If this happens it can be difficult to stop the seal from suffocating" said Hupman.

"We've been strongly advised by international leopard seal experts that we should not put the life of this animal at risk if it's not threatening people."

DOC is asking the public to help them track Owha's movements.

Anyone who spots Owha can instantly upload the location and photos to a new free phone app, called 'Hector's Dolphin Sightings'. 





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She spends a lot of time down on B Pier and nosing around the 'well' between A and B by the mast gantry nailing fish.


She poked her head up about 300mm away from my foot and gave a small bark then swam away a couple of months ago. I was on the phone at the time standing on the duckboard and she just emerged silently beside me. It was way too close for comfort and the bark was considered to be aggression when I had a chat to the DOC lady after this incident.


So I'm keen on relocation too but the nice DOC lady explained that if sedated for relocation Leopard seals enter a 'dive mode' which suppresses the need to breath for the duration of the dive. Problem is when you wake them up and assuming you have been administering oxygen for the trip they dont come out of the 'dive mode' and die. Basically 100% mortality.


But it needs to go, they are not nice animals and notoriously aggressive to everything, vindictive and very smart. The commercial boys occasionally net them and they are not nice to have on deck or even worse go down a hatch which has happened.


It needs to go.

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She may go of her own accord. Maybe. All animals have two distinctive drives that get them in the end. Food No1 priority and the want to breed as No2. These Seals usually only ever come onto land for the one purpose of Breeding. And Breeding season usually starts around Nov. If she cannot find a Male, she may well swim off in search of one. But then as I said, I am no expert.

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 Breeding season usually starts around Nov. If she cannot find a Male, she may well swim off in search of one.

That's when and why they expected her to go last year but she didn't.

It's also one suggestion as to why the change of behaviour recently and this sudden interest in inflatables, she's horny.


Zodiac salesman to a punter - That certainly is a nice dingy isn't it Sir, the 3300 Turbo Delux. Are you in the market for a new one?

Punter - not really, I'm just here to pick up a new inflatable sex toy for my lonesome but amorous Seal*



* - could be replaced a Y88 or SR26 sailor :twisted:  ;-)

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That's when and why they expected her to go last year but she didn't.

Oh sorry, i didn't realize she had been here so long. i thought she had just turned up.

OK so I guess she can now be classed as a resident Jaffa. So if she hasn't had a mouthful of someone by now, I would have thought she would be fairly safe to be around. As long as you don't go getting within her "space".

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used to live trap possums in cages


poor things would bash their heads raw trying to get out before came round and ..........


now use timms traps, which breaks their necks when they take the bait


that great white accidentally in the shark cage video


graphically shows you how wild, wild animals get, when their freedom of movement is prevented


as far as they are concerned, they are seconds from death




sedating her


is a risk worth taking


it's not like they're endangered


she's not a fur seal (nz sealion) 


she's an out of bounds, unpredictable apex predator


​wandering our busiest waterways


looking for bigger + bigger things to eat

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No, the other way around Eric, what species eats Leopard seals.

Maybe we need some big-ass Orcas in there for a while, they seem to like the taste - can't see that interrupting our use of the marina. Haven't  quite worked out what to introduce to get rid of the Orcas though, possibly a few Great Whites .



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I've been talking to some people who see this leopard seal regularly and their comment is its behaviour has changed.


There's a rumour today of an incident involving a dog ,which if true, changes everything.

The water rat has his finger on waterfront pulse.. what do you know Waikiore?

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