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Happy Teeth the Leopard Seal

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I wish it would eat the little handbag dog of one of idiots going on about how cute she is. That might change a few minds.   I saw a comment on one of the many facebook loveins about the ‘cute’ sea

I dont understand why shooting it is not an option. I'm not stirring, I just don't understand. Its not endangered, it is causing trouble and there is a risk it may injure humans.   And I'm glad to p

Still not really the point. You pay for the marina berth and included in that is security for your vessel and fittings. If some hoon had come down to your boat and destroyed your dinghy, you would ex

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I once had a Samoyed that kept chasing the neighbours sheep. Noticed it had a sore paw and took her to the vet. He said it looks like a nail hole. Found out many months later that the neighbour had shot it. Shortly after the neighbour did a better job. Saved us both a heap of worry.


And this was with the dogs paw in the vets hand, not a photo

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Westhaven just advised me to "express Caution" at Happy Teeth as seen near K pier, I thought that it had been awhile with whitebait mullet and parore present in recent weeks . So now she has come back for a feed. I would be happy if the nearby diggers could express one of their little whangarei boulders at her.





































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Leopard Seal kills snorkeller...


Who would have thought an Apex predator would do that?


Kirsty Brown was dragged underwater by the seal while snorkeling near Rothera research station on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Horrified colleagues from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) scrambled a rescue boat and managed to pull Brown from the water. Despite trying to resuscitate her for an hour, the station doctor was unable to save the 28-year-old.


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If I was called "fish" I would be a little wary about that annoying seal too :)  If you read about that fatality there are some very important differences to Westhavens situation and the conclusion by most experts is that it was a case of mistaken identity.  On the leopard seal vs human front call me old fashioned but the fear of being attacked is not quite the same as actually being attacked.

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