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Gas bottles

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The reason I know about the internals of the Bottle is because we recycle the Bottles to scrap. So I have undone a few valves and cut the tanks open.

Maybe build a hangi pit in the middle of cockpit Might be easier and surely no regs on that

Are you kidding? The regulaitons around food safety and food production are mind boggling. I'll need a hand basin and full wash facility for a starter, plus a HACCP plan for sure.   Then the hangi

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It's not so much that the tank must be upright, it's that the valve must be at the top when in use. Presumably you could get someone to manufacture a tank to suit your needs?

Na, I'm told it's the pick up inside that varies. But I'll check on that valve thing, I haven't heard that before. 

I can use std ones but due to the pick up I'll only be able to access about 1/2 their contents they say.


Our forklift has lay down bottles ..... and I as I wrote that I just had a idea who to ring.... DOH!!!

A fly by up Forrest Hill way in the morning is on the cards as well.

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Nope, there is no pickup in them. Bog standard normal LPG cylinders that is.
The Fluid is pumped in under pressure, which keeps it liquid. LPG is at ruffly 150PSI. As the gas bleds off, the liquid turns to Gas at it's surface and replaces the gas that just went out the valve. If you tip a tank over and the liquid level reaches the valve, liquid LPG then runs out the Valve and into the Regulator, which is not designed to regulate liquid and will let some liquid through. As soon as the LPG is in the low pressure side of the pipe/hose, it boils, vaporises and expands instantly, raising the pressure in the outlet line which should normally have been regulated. It can even spit out liquid LPG at the jet.
The tanks on Forklifts I don't know about. They may have an internal pipe and I would imagine that if there is a marking of some kind that suggest one way up, then that would be the reason. But engines also have a totally different regulator design and while once again I don't know, the reg may be capable of handling liquid LPG.

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I thought domestic bottles don't usually have a pick up - that's why they suggest a 20% vapour volume at the top.  But you are right - all you really need is a mini forklift bottle if such a thing exists!

That's what I thought as well. But on asking On Gas who supply our gas bottles for here at work on the forklift and at home, we run off bottled gas, they agree with Wheels.


I sussed the forklift bottle to see this


Which shows a level when used horizontally and another if used vertically.


So I'm thinking there is no difference..... but I'll check a bit more just in case.

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