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Commentry:   Was pretty nice weather over in Brittany, but still quite chilly in the evenings - around 9-12C in the mornings. Glad the boat has a heater (Eberspacher D4).   Boat was mint. Commissi

Well, that all seems good enough for me. Deposit paid.

Gratuitous shots from France...        

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I like very much.

Many little features that put it far ahead of the majority of (fairly well designed) European production boats.

A good swing keel is a plus, forward facing saloon windows a very interesting concept. General sail handling / performance a big plus.

The interiors are def not your standard 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, but again well thought out and functional.

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In my case, I park my boat behind a river bar (so as to not pay marina fees). I can't get out two hours each side of low tide. Having a swing keel would remove that constraint.


Also, a deep keel (3 m) gives substantially increased sailing performance, righting moment, efficient foil shape etc, but at 3 m can be a hassle even getting into some marina's.


I'm sure you may say a raft doesn't have any of those constraints, and better performance, but hay, horse for courses.

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Dont forget the RM970 - as the hull is built out of goodstuff she could be built in Kiwiland - I cant believe no one has tried under licence to produce them, yes yes I know the hull and decks are currently under 20% of a yacht cost, however deals could be done. Just imagine new yachts built in NZ  how radical

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So how would this compare to a Sunfast 3600, or an Elan S4 ?

Same same but different.

Very similar in basic concept, beamy, powerful, twin rudders etc.

This is where the subtleties of the design come into it. The Pogo 36 won european yacht of the year for a reason, however both the Sunfast 3600 and ELan S4 are accessible, already in NZ (and have agents here) and are at a good price point. Don't have the swing keel though. This gives access to 'affordable' moorings (not marinas) and still gives a boat with blistering perfromance.

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