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Top of mast work

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I have been described as many things, a fat bastard not one of them, so I may be ok. The boat is on a swing mooring so when I go to the top it might just swing around one additional axis, and some charlie going down the tamaki river at 5 knots might just send me swimming in his wake :wtf:

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Iain went up to the top of the mast on Rocky a few times, had to fend off the boat next door in a breeze tho,

Also had a fun time riveting the spreader back on up at westhaven while it was blowing about 25.

Get a fat bastard to sit on the windward side if there is a breeze, that was always my job.

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If it is so easy to heal it over; pull it over (ie. Self righting test) and then you are working in a a safe and easy environment. just pul it over until you can reach the top on a 1.8 m steep ladder.

Done at low water against a breast work gains a couple of metres.

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