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Semifinal Race 5&6 (& 7?)

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I though both the nz and the artemis buoy room penalties were absolutely correct. 

Deano was waaaaaaaayyyy to close !!


Great forst race by team nz although still making lots of errors which we will be lucky to save with boatspeed against artemis or soft bank japan let alone Oracle.


Its definately not in the bag!!!!

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All good, through to the LV Final.  Slightly sorry for BAR, they conducted themselves really well in this semi and took a good race off NZ today.  Hopefully they carry on, but maybe drop the BAR name

Mark zone is 3 boat length. Boundary zone is 4 boat length

The main difference is that in normal racing, there is NO mark room, at the top mark.  

In Amcup there is, which means that starboard may have to give way to port, if port get to the circle first.


More info here:


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Into race 7 - Aote looks good . . 


speed and maneuvering much better 


NBC commentators said that the heart monitors on the crews (new thing) 

seemed to show the Kiwi bicycle system was superior (cyclist heart rates 

were lower than grinders) 

Who'd have thought that the quadracep was more efficient than the bicep hey...  Massive ad


Every other team must be giving themselves massive self uppercuts on why they haven't got bikes.


The days with three races are much more of an advantage to us with the bikes on board.

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I have a pretty good idea of how big the quadriceps muscle is 

since I ruptured mine (well, the tendon) last year, 


Biggest muscle in your body ! 


Thanks for the rules post on the windward marks - here is the relevant language. Sure is different from the usual RRS. 


"A significant difference in the RRSAC is that boats on opposite tacks on a beat to windward are considered “overlapped,” and RRSAC 18 (Mark-Room) applies at a windward mark. Also, “markroom” is room for an inside boat to sail her proper course around the mark, including tacking . ."

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