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Gas plumbing

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Did anyone ever manage to work out what it technically require, bureaucratically required and what is actually best to use in real life?


Need to run gas line from bottle to stove and remember someone saying you need to run copper tube. Bugger that for a twisted joke.


Locker built and things set up so the hose run has bugger all corners and is only 3 mts odd long.


What is the bestest flexible hose?






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Thanks B, that's neet looking stuff.   I just chatted to a Gas dude who knows stuff. He confirmed what a poster here told me earlier, that being the latest Regs people are referencing are not law no

Yes I was told 'existing' installation are fine under a grandfather clause BUT if they are changed they should be upgraded to the latest Regs.   That link Marshy put up a page or so back, suss that,

Yep you can turn bottles off. But for some of us that have Gas on tap for things like Hot ware and Fridge and heating etc, then the tanks are on all the time. The Electric valves are energised to be o

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Its a bit tricky, could it be said this was an existing install? If so then whatever you had can go back in otherwise as I understand it you will need to have it professionally installed or at least signed of by someone who will put their name to it. I think you need copper for the run, couplings through bulkheads, and flexy at the ends. I have a variation of what appears to be garden hose but good quality flexible (rubber?) gas line is the light orange thick wall stuff. I got some for an upgrade from General Marine but the chandler probably have it too. You also need those single use crimp clips not hose clamps.

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This may be of help. https://www.standards.govt.nz/news/regulations-and-standards/gas-industry/
I used to know some of the regs, but will not even pretend to know now as it has likely all changed and I am waaay out of date.
I have to say, I have never understood why you have to use copper lines. I would rather have a proper gas hose all the way.

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Saying it's existing would be a stretch to the trained eye.

No way am I fitting copper pipe, that makes absolutely no sense at all, which almost guarantees the regulations say you have too and it will cause issues soon. Hopefully just to a boat and not it's crew. Besides there has to be flexible in it anyway or it just won't work.

Pro installed, to do up 2 nuts? Not gonna happen nor is there need to happen.


I'll have a chat to GM, they do have a good range of hose and I think the ability to do ends. If I can get a 3mt +/- length with ends done I could have it in and running in a couple of minutes.

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Last time I looked at this fixed copper pipe was needed as flexible could only be X long ( i think 1.2m). I do think there was a provision for installing flexible joints around movement areas but it got pretty anal, I dont think you were even allowed crimp's 

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Sussing the Gas Shop Marshy link to would suggest DYI is OK as is non-copper tubing, in some places if not more. They have a lot of stuff for sale to the general public that is being suggested the public can't use themselves or use materials not allowed.


One of these 3mt long is alI I need. They have quite a range of lengths.




That place certainly has all the bits, nice spotting Marshy.

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