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Cool thanks for info, had a good look, condition as to be expected.


Is the front beam easy to replace? I.e diy job?


Looks like undo some bits and it should just slide out?

As some idea -


We could strip our GBE from sailing to being packed on a road trailer in about 45mins, lifting hulls on with the help of a bystander or 2. Pulling her apart on the beach always attracted a few spectators. That did involve beams and tramps off etc as you'd expect.


Then at the other end is was about an 60 - 90 minutes to put her back to ready to sail state, again with the help of some (only 2 or 3) handy helpers. Didn't need any mechanical assistance but it did take a fair bit of 'assistance liquid', some call it beer. We did it all on the beach, nothing fancy.


There were 3 of us and the trailer we used was one we had our 18fter on, a bit like a long car trailer. We used to take the boat to Welly for the Pub to Pub race and other places just because we could.


Towed it with a CF Bedford van. With the trailer/boat being longish it towed very well and I'm damn sure she wasn't an 'over sized load'. Being a CF van it did fill the role as the 'dodgy shaggin wagon' very well also.


So yes it's not hard swapping beams etc.

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