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This is the first of many questions,


Does anyone have a picture or description of the setup used for mooring connection? Specifically do you use a bridal system? Is it permanently mounted, do you have a bow roller etc etc? Do you use a bridle when anchoring?


The previous owner has simply lashed the mooring line to the centre of the front beam.


I'm sure a bridle setup would be more suitable and reliable.

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We had a simple bridle permanently attached to each end of the forebeam, with a big shackle in  the middle. I used to pull the mooring line up until I could shackle directly to the main rope.


Both ends of the bridle were separate lines, so if one broke, the  boat was still secure.


Anthony also had a third line from the mooring to the main beam, next to the mast for extra  security.


That said, he was using a fergy buoy, whereas I didn't have such luxury.


We only used the boat a handful of times, there was a fairlead thingy on the forebeam which lead the anchor warp, we just tied it off on the mainbeam from there.

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capricorn, a modified bucc 24 trimaran


uses a bridle on a standard mooring


starting from a hard point just fwd of the main beam, a typical 3-strand 15?mm nylon warp goes forward to the bows


through a shackle near the bow and then on for a further 2.5? m, terminating with a 12mm snap shackle


when sailing both port and stbd bridle lines come back and are snapped onto the tramp lacings near the rear beam


when mooring, the float is grabbed and the line brought up on deck, + cleated off 


then the heavy mooring chain is lifted and the float snap shackles snapped on to a chain link such a point that when dropped they take the mooring loads slightly ahead the mooring buoy line cleated to the deck 


anchoring is similar


the anchor is dropped in 2-5m of water, depending on tide, the boat allowed to drop back about 5 boat lengths


then the bridle snap shackles are snapped on to a sliding prusik knot on the anchor warp.....the prusik knot is then slipped along warp until the bridle lines are taking the load, with the main anchor warp a bit slack



gallery_1988_37_103233.jpgand she still hunts like a flighty lightweight she is

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That's interesting Eric.


On the tri I just basically moor like a mono, from the main hull. Except I do it twice, one each side,because my prod is fixed and there's a nice bit of 3mm ss wire from the end of the prod to the bottom of the stem, so the two lines pass just clear of it.


Doesn't seem to hunt at all.


Bounces around a lot in a big Southerly tho ????

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You need to move aero center of effort back in the boat. Either that or move centre of gravity and hydro forward. That is what the strange mooring for the AC45s is all about.


The former was demonstrated by my brother on a 9 m day sailer trimaran back in the late 1980s. This particular design went through full tacks when on a mooring. My brother stopped this completely by acting as an air drag device by standing on the aft deck and opening his jacket to the wind. If he reduced his air drag by hunching down the tacking started again.


My boat is very calm on her mooring but a Corsair 36 nearby is hunting all the time. Furled headsail moves center of air drag forward and sometimes they leave a rolled up screacher up which makes her  really lively on her mooring.



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