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Gazelle 26 v Noelex 25 cruising

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Similar yes, the Noelex is a bit faster. I like the gazelles, but the down side is that the keel case is open in the cabin. Take on enough water and you can sink from ingress there, unstoppable, and with MUCH less water inside than it takes to sink a Noelex.

I do recall a Noelex 25 sinking in Wellington though, a Chinese Jibe with the forward hatch open, went down all standing.... nothing is unsinkable!

The Noelex is usually a bit more $

That being said, if I wanted something in that range, id be happy with either.

If $ are an issue, also look for an Alan Wright Pacer (trailerable and keel models). I had one of those and sailed it across cook Strait numerous times....

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The Gazelle comes in two models, usually referred to  as the Mk1 and Mk2. The Mk2 is defined by the stern scoop (although there are several Mk 1's now sporting them too). l understand the Mk 2 lay up differs, some foam core, while the Mk 1 was solid glass. We have several of both models up here, both are popular with the owners. They do not have great head room, but it is reasonable. With the smaller head sail on they handle a breeze well. Some have the engine a a cockpit well, others are stern hung.


The N25 is a simpler boat, with self tacker etc and may feel bigger inside as the centreboard is well forward, but cockpit is smaller.  Engine is in a cockpit well. 


Both have proven to be sturdy and safe boats. At the end of the day it maybe a personal preference.


Another to consider is the Catalina 7.


Check out reviews on NZTYA web page and John Crawford Marine (Aust). 

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Loosemoose - try to speak with John Begg at NPCL who owns the gazelle Aquasition ...it is well set up and well sailed. Then have a look at Private Bin or Cruise Control for N25's. I owned an N25 for a bit when my son & daughter were both very young. Really enjoyed it and very versatile boats. be careful with trailers as very expensive and bear in mind most boats of this vintage will have very tired sails, rigging and running rigging. 

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