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Our most fundamental right; Shame that it takes a criminal to shine some light on it



Today Barrister Richard Francois, acting alongside Taylor, said voting was one of the most fundamental rights.


"For some it's the most fundamental. For others, it doesn't matter.

"You can take away that right with legislation, without restriction. My clients say that's an assault on fundamental rights.

"The right to affirm one's allegiance to politics and to society, and the power to recall a Government to its duties and obligations are cornerstones.

"Decisions of government affect all our life. Decisions of family, of education, a home to rear one's children.

"All of that dependent on voting. And all of that can be taken away by a Government that doesn't respect its people."

Francois said that Government was only by the consent of its people, and Parliament couldn't be allowed to "do whatever it likes" to act against its people.



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It's a classic way of reducing the power of your political enemies.


All you need to do is control the house and then enact a law that makes political dissent punishable by a jail term  - incarcerate them, and don't let them vote. Leave political dissent intentionally ill defined so you can bring charges against anyone who disagrees with you. 


I'm happy to have people incarcerated and for their freedoms to be removed for the protection of society, but preventing people from voting is not anything to do with the protection of society.

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The modern science of voter suppression includes gerrymandering (making votes worthless), negative campaigning (they do it on purpose to drive down turnout), interminable lines at polls (6 hours for my Ariz. nephew last year), making it hard to register, and much else. 


As I am wont to tell USAean people, if your vote were not important, the US Reich would not work so hard to take it away from you. 


And of course it translates into horrible policy - recently, screwing over food servers, more bank deregulation, trashing net neutrality. 


But I'm not giving up, and I hope that you are not either . . . 

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