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Catamaran Sunk off Whangarei with 6 POB

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yeh - wondererd if there was a massive e/quake that we all missed!

Don't believe anything the media says what they have reported is not correct. They knew were they were, we have all made some sort of mistake boating!!! Credit to the skipper for getting everyone safe

The main anchorage is the north side of Atihau (or Trig) Is next to the Arch Rk. I've had a few calm nights in there but you would be pretty brave to anchor as far in as the RAYC suggests. In anythi

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Sounds dramatic.

2 adults, 4 kids, full mayday at 4:50 am, at the Mokohinau's.


3 rescue helicopters, Coastguard boat(s), Navy inshore patrol ship, POAL Pilot launch and a couple of container ships responded.


CG said the rescue was aided by the boat doing everything right, including setting off a locator beacon. No mention of the use of foil sheets though?

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From the photos it's definitely sunk. Pure speculation, but you'd have to guess they've hit something, either a nav error and they've hit the mokes, or maybe ufo strike?


These things happen I guess, good to see they were on to it enough to make sure it ended with everyone on board safe and sound.

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