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Anti-fouling stick on film ?

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Today adhesive films are part of our everyday lives and these are now making an entrance into the most difficult and demanding environment. The world of water. Our company specializes in the application of high-performance adhesive anti-fouling films. These eco-friendly products are a new alternative to help protect your boat and our marine environment. With 10 years experience in the adhesive vinyl industry, you can rely on us for quality products and workmanship with friendly service wherever you are located.


So the spiel says.





Anyone know anything about this stuff?



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Morning jaffa lol.

I think its okay to film your own bum, just don't film anyone else's.....

Interesting. But why would you not simply spray silicon AF to the Hull instead?
I know nothing of this product, so could be wrong here. But the issues with the spray on Silicon self release AF's is that they are really only any good for fast powered vessels. Thy Hull usually has to reach a speed beyond normal displacement speeds to cause the fouling to wash off. Possibly OK if you have the Hull scrubbed before a race I guess.

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Morning people  :wave:

First off Hi to everyone here, first post for me! woohoo! Proud owner since Christmas, of a Richard Edlin 11m trimaran called LadyHawk. On the subject of the Silikon anti-foul, I've spoken to Bruce at length about this, I'm not sure if hes on here, but I'll try and give a good account of his thoughts. First off he has the Silikon product on Redline, which as you've probably all seen is a slippery boat wrap basically. They do have another product that has lots of fibres that stop stuff from sticking, designed more for fixed installations.

Bruce says that it has gained him a knot or two in boatspeed, its really easy to clean, lift out and a very quick water-blast. Easy for him to say, he owns a travel-lift!  :razz:

We have a couple of test panels in the water at Bridge Marina in Tauranga, and our marina fouls very easily. They've been in there for nearly two years I think, and the silikon one has slime and some small plants on it, but they fall off really easily. Bruce's boat gets a coating of slime after a couple of months, but you can wipe it off with a finger so easily. I live on the same finger as Redline, so I check it out every day as I walk past. In comparison, I have poor condition ablative anti-foul on my boat, and in the same time period I have major fouling, plants, barnacles I even hear fish eating the growth at night lol. 

The product is supposed to self clean at 8 knots, Bruce says it does so, but Redline doesn't often go that fast.

We discussed all this as I'm going to give it a go on LadyHawk when the huge travel lift in Tauranga is  up and running, Bruce says it would be perfect for our boat, its fast enough to self clean, its easy to chuck a wettie on and sponge the hulls down once a month to keep the slime at bay when stuck in the marina. Its not that cheap, roughly $200 per sq metre applied, abut you must have a good substrate to apply it to, like most things. MPSNZ will only apply it to a fresh coat of Interprotect or suchlike. With regular sponging it will last 5 years plus. Easy to repair should it get damaged, easy to replace when its worn out. And no nasties being leached into the water. 

I just don't like the fact that its not DIY  :mad:

I cant think of anything more to add, other than when I read my post it sounds like I work for them  :oops:  I don't btw...


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Good info- thanks.

There seems to be several companies offering this product or similar overseas,  and  results do not seem to be starting a revolution.


Also one does offer DIY, but you would have to be skilled or skill up with sample on 3d curves.

The diver/hull cleaner "fastbttms" is not over enamoured with it, but he is hard to please.

Calls a spade, a spade.


Jury is still out on Intersleek 1100SR on recreational boat/cruisers,  according to the Interlux rep I talked to.

Two done here and then offshore. 50/50 at this stage.


I'm going for a sample from OS and apply on my rudder.




Then theres the fibre system  "Micanti".



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