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Anti-fouling stick on film ?

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Morning jaffa lol.

I think its okay to film your own bum, just don't film anyone else's.....

I've had Aquacote silicon foul release on the hull and NZMPS Silikon wrap on the rudder for a year now as a trial comparison. The Aquacote needs regular cleaning but wipes clean fairly easily - I dive before each race, and it is holding up well. While I'm happy with the Aquacote, the NZMPS wrap is a much superior product though due to the finish being factory controlled as opposed to self applied. It mostly self cleans except for a slight film that wipes off very easily. I still get barnicles on the Aquacote but they don't seem to take hold on the NZMPS product. While I should be able to get multiple years from both products, I'm thinking of stripping the Aquacote this winter and replacing with the wrap. 

How's that rudder film holding out?

Bruce is happy with his.

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Hi all, does anyone have any further updates on these antifoul wraps? I have a new boat arriving next month and am trying to decide on what to do. 

I like them in principle but would like some more proof as to there effectiveness. 

The boat will achieve 25 knots...


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Personally I’d just use antifoul, a mate who put the film on his launch is disappointed. Did not self clean and vulnerable to damage. The other issue on yachts is that its not fair if you are a racer, lumps at joins and its just not as smooth as paint. 

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