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rudder bearing replacement farr1106

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hi just looking for information regarding replacing the lower bearing/bush on my 80's farr developed a rudder knock after the last ocean race.I think possibly due to the new auto helm.It looks as though it might come out from the top as there is a good sized flange arrangement in the transom where the rudder shaft goes thru hull anyway any information of the heads up kind would be appreciated

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OK, if it's the same, or similar to my 1988 farr phase 4, which seems likely, there is a glass rudder tube, with a cylindrical bearing, plastic, top and bottom. The top one has a flange on top, with a thrust washer.

They are a very tight fit to the tube, possibly an interference fit or epoxied in.

When I changed mine, I cut them out with a sabre saw.

Got a machine shop to make new ones, acetate iirc, epoxied them in. Was not an expensive job, and they are still good.

Research the exact type of plastic, as some bearing plastics expand in water, and can seize the stock...

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I assume this is about a Farr 11.6, they stopped the tube below the underside of the deck for wheel steering quadrants (for those who did not want stretched arms!), then there is a top bearing on the deck

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Do not use Nylon as a bearing material. It will expand underwater and seize the bearing and steering... 


I thought people stopped using that in the 80's.

This is the stuff.




High Pressure & Marine Bearings

Contact us for our comprehensive ACM Composite Bearing design manuals for general and marine engineering.

ACM Composite Bearings are premium high pressure bearing materials. They offer engineers cost effective alternatives to phosphor bronze, with many advantages over phosphor bronze and older traditional bearing materials sometimes used in its place.

ACM TriboTex 7 for general purpose engineering applications.

ACM TriboGlide 15 for low friction, dry running applications.

ACM TriboTape for guide bands in hydraulic cylinders.

ACM L2 Marine grade has multiple marine class approvals for use as ship rudder bearings and water lubricated propeller shaft bearings.

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Slightly, off topic but at the moment I'm replacing the top and bottom bearing in the steering pedestal of our 1220. Standard ball bearing based ones "6210 2RS" and was simply going to replace with exactly the same. As long as the pedestal remains dry inside all should be good - it wasn't watertight at some point in the past (compass light wire I think) hence the bottom bearing corroding out. However, you've now got me wondering if there is a plastic equivalent I could use to avoid all future corrosion issues regardless of my sealing abilities. Any thoughts? 

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