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Platino report finally out

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Must have been a massive amount of force on the rudder wwith the main up in 40 knots downwind,maybe thats why the ap failed.

Nope, the load would contribute only to the rate of fluid loss, the issue was already there.

IMO there are many boats with poorly attached, spec'd, or installed rams. I prefer NOT to attach them to the quadrant, but to a completely separate tiller arm, individually keyed to the rudder stock. Unfortunately some boats don't have the room for this, but IMO its a good safety feature . Also (as platino had) separate systems for the primary steering and autopilot. Like mechanical for primary and hydraulic for AP. This gives Max redundancy.

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Good grief! Are you one of those people that burn your lips on coffee and blame the barista for not warning you it’s hot?   I’m all about safety too, but not about some pointy head telling me whethe

One thing I've learned  from sailing experience, which is quite a while, is don't judge what should or shouldn't have been done unless you were there. You didn't experience the terror or horror ,cold,

Try writing a manual that will accurately cope with all situations at sea.  Basically, line 1 of the manual would say "Gain enough experience so you don't need this manual".

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One thing I've learned  from sailing experience, which is quite a while, is don't judge what should or shouldn't have been done unless you were there. You didn't experience the terror or horror ,cold,wind strength,sea state,sea sickness or the plethora of other events that may have taken place. Like BP says we've all had close calls that could have gone either way. And for once native is right in that we don't need inexperienced bureaucrats making us have more rules and sitting in warm stable classrooms learning how to "be safe !" Facts are that things happen.Driving to the boat is inherently as dangerous as a lot of what we do sailing . It's called life. Get used to it

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I have had a 1st hand description of what happened onboard,I think its time to shutup KM,


The way I see it, it was a series of compound errors, it certainly appears that the initial fault was with the AP, lets assume someone was at the helm station, would they have had enough time to disengage the AP and correct the sudden course change? Not sure but I doubt it. The undersized padeye was missed during the build, would the bigger one held? Biggest crew error was the collective decision to rig the preventer in that manner, from that point the cumulative breakdown was incredible.

Not sure I agree with that Native, as BP posted earlier, I don't think many preventers would survive a crash gybe in 40knots.

If the slowly increasing ap wandering off course was not noticed by anyone, or the ap alarms, then the first gybe was unavoidable. Things go wrong at sea sometimes, and a lot of seamanship is what happens next. IMO.

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Sitting here in an armchair but I've done enough sailing to know just how easy this can all go wrong. 


Sailing offshore or cruising it's very easy to get into the grove and after all 99% of the time everything is the same, it just takes one event and then it all goes down hill fast.  Out of the cabin quickly unprepared, someone tries some quick actions in order to rectify the situation and then sadly, it all goes wrong.  


I'd say the best procedures in the world or legislation won't change what happens in situations like this.  


Thanks IT for the report link. Very interesting read and the key points are in the memory bank for what not to do.  

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Another way to think about this for any boat. The traveller is designed to take mainsheet loads. What other deck fitting would you attach a preventer to that you'd expect to be as strong?

Here is an example.

On the last day of the 2010 solo Tasman race, I was approaching mooloolaba, wind angle about 150 to 160 over the starboard quater. Windspeed mid 30s. Similar to platino. Wind against the E Australia current, so steep seas, some with breaking crests. I'd been at the helm most of the previous 20 hours, surfing where possible.

2 reefs in the main, part of a headsail.

I had to go to the loo. Set the AP to 150 deg, went below. While on the loo, boat surfs, broaches, crash gybes. Preventer on, so boat is knocked down, preventer breaks, she recovers. I'm back on deck asap (with life jacket, harness etc). Goose neck broken, kicker ripped out of mast base, other minor damage. The forces involved are huge. The kicker snapped a 13mm stainless rod, and this is only a 40ft boat.

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Very interesting debate. From the report, it has to be said that a lot of responsibility falls on the skipper, who was at the helm. I hear all the comments saying "You were not there" and I completely understand that, but it certainly does appear to be a "Rabbit in the headlights" situation.


It should have been very obvious that the AP was rooted. The course was becoming erratic for some time, so the first thing to do is disengage it and hand steer. What happened after that would be hard to comment on with the carnage on deck that would have put everyone in a state of shock. If the gybe shook the skipper up, then the following events would have really stuffed her up.


Pretty hard to understand why nothing went into the water for the MOB and why the MOB position was not recorded. Very tragic for all concerned, but I think the skipper was lucky to avoid a fair percentage of official blame and potentially prosecution.

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