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AMI cover our little tri, whether at home, moored, or on route.


I tried the call centre and the website which were no help, but when I walked into the branch it was done in minutes.


The only caveat is that I need to tell them when I switch from trailer to mooring. Which I'd better do, meant to be launching late next week

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as vorpal was saying the other day


racing "cat" insurance is largely subsidised by all those expensive new factory cruising "cats" 


who's careful owners pay lots of high premiums and hardly ever claim 


"tri's" on the other hand 


are either raced or homebuilt to varying standards (hard for accessors to access) 


and simply don't pay enough in premiums to make the classification 


profitable for insurance companies


was a continual complaint of the late great ian farrier


sic jacinda's new pricing commision on to the insurance industry b@$t@rd$


but even then


the effort isn't worth the votes

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I found Pantaenius Australia a right pain - wanted a survey before they would even consider - Topsail (via Baileys ) did the trick but is getting harder each year - I think the International market has taken a hammering with hurricanes in the Carribean and it will take a few years for Insurance companies to claw their losses back - meantime they sting everyone hard each year ....

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