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No what I said is it's not the fault of the phrf committee.   No reason for name calling... Luckily given your coastal result it doesn't seem likely anyone will be calling you that anytime soon.

Just a note on using racetrack. Prior to the Coastal, SNS had done 6 races. The average racetrack rating of those 6 races was 0.786 - that is higher than the PHRF rating applied for the Coastal of 0.7

So what your saying is small country yacht clubs dont count lets just pander to a couple of bigger clubs well done your attitude is exactly what is destroying what a lot of people worked hard to pull

I don't see the rationale for cheating on keelboat PHRF measurements, why bother since you'll get sprung eventually as people are not stupid. Surely boat speeds dont vary that much unless its extras/no extras, 2 handed or fully crewed, which is covered when you enter a specific event.

The thing is very few get sprung.


Hey, as PHRF usage, like the fleet sizes, are growing well so there is no need to do much but sit on or hands. Silly me for suggesting otherwise.

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Sails like code zeros are almost too obvious compared to keels, rudder or even moveable ballast, I know that if I was up against my main competitor and they turned up with a new prod I would be checking the public database for sure.  I suspect the small number to non existent number of boats being protested for undeclared mods is probably because A. Most people are really honest and B. PHRF is small cheese for most club racers. Among the big boys I am sure that compliance is a big thing because if you're putting together a 50k campaign to take your TP that demands $350k a year in running costs and a pro crew offshore then your IRC/PHRF is extremely important whereas in an event like the SSANZ I'll bet half the fleet dont even know or care about cert compliance.

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I wonder what impact inaccurate or overly conservative declarations have on the base handicap?


It is well known that IRC hits boats that run both asymetric and symetric kites. I'd expect this to be a factor on PHRF, as you have the sail for every wind angle there is.


SNS's cert declares that no spinnaker pole is carried, but goes on to give dimensions for a good sized mast head spinnaker. A length is declared for a bow sprit, and a fractional asymetric is declared.


In the BNZ review, there was no bowsprit but there is a photo of them using a spinnaker pole. I don't know what the configuration was for the Coastal or if the bow sprit has been installed or not.


Certainly, if you can't run an asymetric but you declare one, that is not going to help your handicap.

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The thing is nobody protests boats sailing outside their cert.

If a boat got chucked out every now and then it would stop, but with next to no chance of being held to account there will always be someone who will push the limits

Oh hell yes.


That's not a PHRF problem, that's a personal integrity problem!

Oh hell yes.

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