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Small classic keeler underwater in Okahu Bay

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Does anyone know the story about he small white classic keeler that has sunk on its mooring in the SE corner of Okahu Bay?  It has been down there a couple of weeks I would guess.  It had been somewhat neglected for some time as the mast had come down and was laid across the deck.  Seems a shame a little classic with great lines should be dying this way.


Anyone have any information?



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Hardly junk, she would come up alright with a bit of sustained love. Shes only 20 odd feet so the project is not that massive. However you would need to be a committed wooden boat owner to take her on. 

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Thank the HarbourMasters office and the ratepayers of Auckland for the recovery. In this case it was a cheap one, only to the shore from where the new owner took over. But often the HM is stuck with a large lump of crap they have to stash and then go through the process of trying to find the owner and if they can get them to do something. Often they can't so they have to go through the process of scrapping it which involves removing, trucking, dumping etc, all at quite a large cost.


There is a flood of old crusty forgottens about to follow this vessel ashore. Look at Orakei, which I believe is Maori for 'dead and dieing shitboxes', to see where a pile of rates money will be used shortly. Look at the HM office to see how much time these shitters will take from their other more important work. Look at the nicely maintained and looked after vessels these shitters are likely to clean up as they drift past.


Don't start me on the growing in range and size number of dead boats in some marinas. Why pay a small fortune to store a utter piece of deceased crap, can't understand the rational behind that.

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