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Public key to apprehensions over excess and undersized pāua crayfish and kina

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Public key to apprehensions over excess and undersized pāua and kina



Date: 19 Nov 2018





"An eagle-eyed member of the public has helped Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) fishery officers apprehend a group of divers who took excessive amounts of pāua and kina from an area east of the Coromandel.


Fishery officers were tipped off through MPI's 0800 poacher line to suspicious activity in the Kuaotunu area where 4 men were diving for kina and pāua.


The officers stopped the men's vehicle after observing them diving and a search of the vehicle revealed 123 undersized and excess pāua, and 517 kina.


The daily limit for pāua is 10 per person per day with a minimum length of 125mm. The daily limit for kina is 50 person with no size limit.


MPI spokesman Jason Howat says the pāua the men took ranged in size from as small as 66mm to approximately 120mm.


"Three of the men will likely face prosecution for the excess and undersize pāua.


"All of the 4 men will receive infringement fines totalling $2,000 for the kina they took.


"A Toyota Hilux valued at $20,000 belonging to one of the men and used in the offending was seized as was the diving gear used in the offence."


Mr Howat says MPI fishery officers rely on the vigilance of local communities in remote coastal areas to report suspicious activity through MPI's 0800 4 POACHER line.


"The public are our eyes and ears. We're very grateful for their valued support.


"This type of offending shows a total disregard for the sustainability of our valuable fisheries resources and is very disappointing.


"The result of these men's actions should serve as a very clear deterrent to people considering taking that chance. It demonstrates that even on a Monday, late afternoon in a remote coastal location, you are not shielded from being apprehended if you choose to disregard the rules."


Check the fishing rules for your area

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As a keen spearo I get plenty of fish i make up small bags of fillets and give them out to pensioners in my neighbourhood,they really appreciate a nice feed most of them cant afford fish as it is very

Yup sneaky human with speargun that’s a even playing field. That perennial fish torturer Matt Watson does my head in. Feel tempted to tow him around hooked by his gobby mouth for a few hours.

Scum bagsripping the nz public off and giving ammunition to the commercial guys.

Mpi have done an amazing job since Labour weekend,sprung some east of coromandel undersize crays lost dive gear and may loose vessel,gisborne way 2 x poachers in a reserve taking crays in berry,one said thought the reserve ended at the where the beach meets the water??go figure,another group were from a school,attitude who cares.  I  get the posts from MPI via F/B and signed up for emails,its just sickening whats happening out there.


Yes commercial are no better but in some cases their hands are tied and cannot keep catch. ie no quota for a specific species cannot land so gets dumped,the qms needs fixing.

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And to really F@#k you off have a read about this selfish a@hole




Hibiscus Coast residents are devastated after a beloved kingfish was caught and killed by two men at Gulf Harbour Marina.

A post that has been shared on many Facebook community pages, including the Hibiscus Coast, explaining the "barbaric" slaying of the iconic 1.2m kingfish known as Murphy, which happened on Saturday November 17 at about 3.15pm.

Two men, said to be "European" were seen being dropped off from a boat at the commercial Z pier and then spearing the fish from the pier.

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"Rip a beautiful sea creature from its home by a hook in the eye,bash it to death rip it’s guts out and dismember it."


Coming from a hunter gatherer type farming family it took me 30 yr living with a wife  two daughters to appreciate

this. Landed my first trout as a  6yro.

Somewhat dull witted I guess.

Now only fish for food, and don't support wet fish industry. (Except farmed.)

Our choice.

On the HPI axis and good practices on release. http://oceaned.org/stress.html

Not that I support getting your  endorphins from dragging a fish on board by its mouth.


We have ultimate rights only because we are THE apex predator..

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