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I had a call from NRC [Northland Regional Coucil] on Friday about my boat. They had conducted a dive on all the boats on the mooring field in the area [just off Onerahi] and my boat is classified as a

Yep, hull inspections were underway at Gulf Harbour last week. Using a ROV. AT GHMV marina (The village private one) the committee was asked for access permission. This was denied. We saw no point i

I made this submission on the current discussion document: "I am being charged for a pest monitoring program because I own a mooring. I find this grossly unfair. I did not cause the introduction o

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Today from Marlborough Council.


I wonder if they apply this to the fishing fleet and the log ships coming into Shakespeare.... I doubt it.




attachicon.gif Marlborough Marinas Visitor Ruling May 2019.pdf





The irony in that the basic requirements of that notice were probably met by this boat, in that it may well have been antifouled within the last 6 months (before moving to the sounds, we don't know how long the boat was berthed there before it was hauled out again).


The only 'slight' issue was that the bottom of the keel wasn't done.

I can imagine a boat owner paying for a haul out and professional application of antifoul, to be honestly thinking they have complied with the Marlborough Regional Council's requirements, only to get one hell of an arse kicking when they next haul out with a different operator, upon finding the 'special' price of the last application didn't include the bottom of the keel.

Either that, or the keel was done, but on the travel lift just before splash, and the antifoul was ineffective due to insufficient drying time.


How many boat owners have personally checked the bottom of their keels?

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