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Kiwi prop dilemma.....

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Yanmar 3GM30 with the usual kanzaki gb.

Knocked it into reverse whilst sailing this we and it wouldn't come out....as in jammed.

Had to luff, kill bs and rotate shaft back and forth to get out.

Is this sign of need to reface cones?

Seems best way to feather is to kill whilst in ahead?

Otherwise shaft spins. :huh:


Just read the Kiwiprop manual....yep leave it in ahead it is.


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Lack of lubrication on the 5 lube points on the prop.

Its not uncommon if prop maintenance is not up to scratch. 

Also its not uncommon to not be able to shift back into neutral when sailing  with reverse selected.... Have to stop the boat first, so the load comes off the gears.

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Blades should feather with the shaft in neutral.

Our shaft never rotates when in neutral with a kiwiprop.

If it doesn't, its a clear sign something isn't right with the prop, in the first instance sus the prop for damage, second instance, give it a service.

The only time our shaft rotated was when a nylon boss thingee split, long time ago. That part is now made out of something else, either stainless or the posh black plastic the blades are made from.

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Getting stuck in reverse used to happen to me quite regularly with my Kiwiprop.  The simple answer was to use the starter to turn the motor for half a turn / a turn without starting it; it seemed to work for me.  I mostly left the gb in reverse as leaving the gb in neutral or forward would spin the shaft.  I changed my prop and now have better speed motoring and more control in reverse.  The Kiwiprop didn't seem to max out the motor in forward but in reverse it overloaded it.

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Hmm, just been fully reco'd by John.

Dived on it and blades were free as.

On his website:

"Unless there is some fouling or weed caught up - Kiwiprops will remain feathered in neutral any way - so putting them in Ahead ( If that locks the gearbox ) is simply extra  insurance.

This situation is somewhat complex and there is no simple straightforward answer to all scenarios  - but we have to deal with the real world where there are no yes / no answers to these situations where there are so many variables."

Was in neutral most of the w/e and didn't rotate. Then started rotating. Musta been weed or something.

I'll make up a quick release stop to keep it in ahead.

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