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Jesse James - $1 reserve

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From the TM and brokerage listing details she presented well and was maintained by a owner that obviously need to quit in a hurry.

Kinda rocks your boat considering the broker had it listed for $149k.

Like the Marshall she was on the market for quite a few moons and the owner pulled on a pair of ten gallon testicles ponied up and has 57k of reason to move on in life.

Crikey you would be a bit green round the gills if you only got $1 though.

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Keeping it simple. I want the boat for my winning bid. The owners wife won’t honour it as she wants more. I have had a legal opinion to say the winning auction bid is/was valid. I’m reserving my right

Yup same process should apply to the housing market and give those parasites in the realestate industry a poke in the eye.   Wish the owner all the best.

I have a funny feeling, if the sale is now being managed by the owners estate (i.e. family) that a lack of understanding of the current boat market may be a problem.   The holding costs for a boat t

What a deal!! I guess the in-line rig put a few people off, but they are not that hard to keep upright and offer much better sail control than the swept spreaders. The ugly bowsprit probably didn't help either, but this is the buy of the year. Crazy price for a good boat.. Nice one Cameron!

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How competitive would she be in Auckland racing? Who are the hot designers nowadays?

After you strip off the tonne of stainless steel structures, she'd probably go well. She has a good history.


Hell cheap buy, nice score C.


Going on the new boats seen on Akl Harbour the top designers are Mr Bendytoys, Mr JeanO and whoever designs the AC freaks. They are the only new boats.

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And roughly how many of their boats are currently racing in NZ?


Numbers are a different thing. But for current NZ designers, Shaw and Bakewell-White certainly top the list.


My perception is the good competition racing has dropped from A div to B div, into that length bracket around JJ, including the likes of Clockwork (B-BW) and Anarchy.

But looking at the BoI RW entry list, A div is well populated, but you need a TP 52 or close variant.


The proper racing (Island Racing A) is heavily dominated by that other NZ designer, Elliot. Easily the heaviest domination of any division.


I see other imports feature highly, such as the Ker 40. I can only assume there is a line to 'cost effective' Ker 40's out of the Oz (Sydney?) racing scene?


Surprisingly, and to dent KM's theory, there aren't a great deal of Beneteau and Jeanneau's. A few in Island Racing B.


Overall, it looks to be a mix of NZ designers from the modern through to the classic (i.e. Townson), and a reasonable amount of racing imports, Ker 40's, Tp 52 variants etc. Certainly not dominated by European production boats.




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For Bay Week, we’ll (Ross 40) be in Island Racing again this year - already entered and have been put into B this year which will make a nice change. In the past we have had a good mix of cruiser racer type boats in A with us at the smaller end. There have been two Ross 40’s in A for I think 2 of the last 3 years with Urban Cowboy and ourselves.


We don’t bother with the Windward Leeward racing as we feel we really need a more polished crew, there is too much potential for things to go wrong in big breeze as we found at the Jack Tar a few years ago. We tend to sail with friends and a few young sailors - Passage is a pretty chilled and fun affair. Not to mention spectacular.


In terms of pace we are behind the E12’s (eg Bullrush) and newer Ross 12 (PBF) but we can generally match the 40 up to 45’ late model import production boats (cruiser racer types) around a track unless there’s a lot of breezy upwind or tight reaching - when the waterline and extra beam really come into play. Lawless would be the exception, she is quite a bit quicker.


It does make for a big bunch of closely matched boats in the racing we do.

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